The Spring Blog Hop

Welcome lovely people, and a Happy Easter to you.

Thank you to Angela of Pretty Little Things in a Box for organising this blog hop of all things Spring.


Spring is such a lovely season. The end to winter and the start of warmer, lighter days. I love the flowers that bloom at this time of year and my absolute favourite Spring flower is the bluebell.

I’m lucky because there’s a bluebell wood near to my home and at this time of year I really enjoy visiting it.



Of course, here in the UK it’s illegal to pick them so I make do with photos when I’m at home 🙂

Last year I set myself a bit of a crafty mission to make decorations for the house for all the seasons – I’ve seen talented people in blogland do it and it seemed such a nice way to revitalise your home in a small way each season. I’ve made mainly wall hangings so far although I did make a start with some Easter decorations last year. I made several lovely Tilda animals and some Springtime bunting.



This year I thought I’d carry on the theme and make a few more Tilda animals – this time in the shape of ducks!

The pattern for these is from Tone Finnanger’s book Crafting Springtime Gifts (just in case you want to make some for yourselves 😉 )

In the book these ducks are 13cm tall but I like all things mini so mine are only 9cm tall.

Hope you like them…




Make sure you take a look at the other crafters taking part in this blog hop 🙂 Link here

How do you decorate for Spring or Easter?

Until next time,

Chris x



13 thoughts on “The Spring Blog Hop

  1. Your little ducks are so cute! I love bluebells too – we arrive in UK at the end of the week and I hope I get to see some. I have a few in my garden but they dont seem to want to spread unfortunately. xx

  2. Hi Chris, the bluebells are lovely. I have not really decorated for easter – but recently received a table runner pattern with easter theme – so it is on the agenda for next year. Happy blog hopping.

  3. oohhhh.. you are sooooo lucky to live beside a bluebell wood.. is so pretty in Blue. And your Tilda’s collection is just lovely.. 😀 Loving the little duckies.. *Quack Quack* thank you for joining the blog hop.. 😀

  4. Karen K

    Enjoyed looking at those pretty bluebells. I was surprised to learn that it was illegal to pick them. I suppose good thing as they might not have been there for you to enjoy! Those ducks are darling! And being on a stick allows many uses.

  5. Ooooooh these are SOOOOO cute! And so impressive!!! I still feel very new to sewing and could never produce anything so professional looking! Absolutely lovely! I’m so glad that I found your blog through the blog hop! I’m looking forward to reading future posts!

  6. Love all those ducks… big or small, they’re all super-cute! I’ve only ever seen pics of a bluebell wood, so you are quite fortunate to have them within walking distance 🙂 ❤ ❤

  7. your Tilda animals are wonderful! I have several Tilda books but have yet to make a single animal! I get bluebells in my garden, I pull them up as they’re toxic to bunnies… I should probably send them to you!

  8. Your ducks are priceless! I will be looking up the book and hoping it’s available in the US. The bluebells are beautiful, I don’t have any here that I’ve seen but I’ll keep looking. I decorate for spring with eggs for the most part but we do have a stuffed bunny that sings a Happy Easter song as big a three year old child! My son loved it as a toddler so when it went on sale after the holiday we were able to buy it. It’s been a fun reminder every year.

    1. Hi Lyn, I’ve just emailed you but it got sent back to me so I hope you pick up this reply.
      Glad you like the ducks and I’m loving the idea of a huge singing bunny as an Easter decoration!
      Chris x

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