Naked No More

Welcome 🙂

Remember this little cutie?


She had her tunic nibbled by mice and was for a brief time rather cold! As Wendy from The Crafter’s Apprentice said she was NAKED!

Here she is now after going shopping,


A brand new hat decorated with one of my favourite mother of pearl buttons.


And here she is modelling her new pantaloons and tunic.

So who spotted the little tulip she’s carrying?


After showing one of my groups how to make tulips, one of my friends reduced the size of the pattern and made a tiny one. It was so cute I HAD to make one too! This uses a piece of fabric 1 1/2″ by 1″ and a cocktail stick, it was very fiddly to do but is just the perfect size for bunny.


Here she is with both tulips!

Until next time,

Chris x

Memories of Grandad

Welcome 🙂

Back in December I started making these little flowers and I thought you might like to see what I eventually did with them.


They reminded me of chrysanthemums which in turn reminded me of my Grandad who used to grow them in his garden. I have lovely memories of playing in his garden and seeing all the huge flowers tied up to sturdy supports.

So this is what I made,


A bunch of Chrysanthemums in autumnal colours all jostling for space in a plant pot,


with a cheeky little snail hoping for some lunch!



Eagle eyed long term followers might recognise something rather familiar about this wall hanging as I made one similar to it a little while ago.


I have plans to make a third one too, I’m pretty sure what flower I shall be doing – one that reminds me of my Grandma, but haven’t decided on the type of container it’ll be in.

What reminds you of your Grand parents?

Until next time,

Chris x





Welcome 🙂

Thank you for your kind Get Well messages, my wrist and arm are feeling a bit better but I know that rest is the only way to go so my sewing activities have had to be slowed down somewhat 😦

I have been playing with some 3 D flowers though.



These remind me of the chrysanthemums that my Granddad used to grow each year. He used to have a patch in his garden, close to the house, which he filled with these lovely flowers and in the Autumn we always came home with an enormous bunch of them for our home.

I’m not sure what I shall do with them but whatever it is I shall do it slowly!

Another thing I’ve finally got round to finishing is this table topper which I started here.




So one finished project and one started project 😉

Until next time,

Chris x


Daisy, daisy give me your answer do

Welcome 🙂

I went to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham on Sunday with friends, and I think it’s fair to say that we all had a good time.

Last  time I went I missed a whole section so this time I was determined to at least get round the place once! We started very systematically going up and down the rows of stalls but as time went on we tended to wander about a bit but I think we saw everything. We spent time looking at the makers stalls and chatting to them about their work. And quite a bit of time looking at the jaw droppingly amazing quilts on display, something to aspire to.

I’ll share some photos of what caught my eye in another post but I want to share yet another wedding make with you. Well I did say I’d been busy leading up to the wedding!

Looks like a pile of propellers!


and a pile of numbers


but stitched together they make sweet daisies



Daughter used them as table numbers so everyone could find out where they were sitting.


The pegs had people’s names printed on them.

Fabric flowers

I did think that now the wedding is all done and dusted the flowers could be used with young children to help them learn their numbers.

Until next time,

Chris x

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