I have pondered and planned, thought and researched, designed and doodled and now I am ready to start the SILK PROJECT!


It really isn’t like me to spend quite so much time dithering before launching into a project but I think because this project :

a) is for a friend

b) is very special in its significance

c) uses very expensive materials

d) something I’ve never done before

then part of me is a tiny bit (dare I say it) scared.

However, this is the week when I shall accomplish the bulk of the project. I am determined to face my fears and just jolly well get on with it!

Pep talk over – I’m going in!

So friends if I’m not around much this week you’ll know why ūüôā



verb (used with object)

1. to¬†bring¬†to¬†its¬†goal¬†or¬†conclusion;¬†carry¬†out;¬†perform;¬†finish:¬†to¬†accomplish¬†one’s¬†mission.
2. to complete (a distance or period of time): to have accomplished the age of 70; We accomplished the journey in little more than an hour.
3. Archaic. to provide polish to; perfect.
1. complete, fulfill; execute, effect.


Until next time,

Chris x

A 100 years of Chelsea

Ever since I was a little girl I have wanted to go to the Chelsea Flower Show and this year, because of a special friend, I was able to go (many thanks for thinking of me J).

I went with another friend and even though the heavens opened and we got wet through we enjoyed the whole experience very much.

This year was the shows 100th anniversary…


There were beautiful show gardens with lots of lovely ideas to take home…

very natural planting
love the texture in this path – not sure how comfortable it would be to walk on!
what a great idea – pebbles painted with sayings and pictures.

Amazing flower displays in the¬†pavilion…

This particular nursery (sorry - can't remember which one) set out to breed 100 new varieties of lily to celebrate this special anniversary. The stand was soooo scented - gorgeous.
This particular nursery (sorry – can’t remember which one) set out to breed 100 new varieties of lily to celebrate this special anniversary. The stand was soooo scented – gorgeous.

Brilliant sculptures…

the Gruffalo!
the Gruffalo!

Amazing flower arrangements…

Leaf Designs by Wendy McKay
by Tracy Griffin

All in all a great day. Hmm now where’s my spade?!

Until next time,

Chris x

Frugal Quilting

In the UK (and probably in other countries too) quilting cotton costs an arm and a leg. So I always try to have a project in mind before I buy, and I always try to finish my project too (it may take a while but I do try!)

This is a picture of my¬†gorgeous¬†raggy quilt which didn’t cost a single penny to make…

SAM_2553 - Copy

The whole quilt front is made from old cotton shirts that were either my husbands or were given to me.

I call it my ‘Garden Quilt’ because I embroidered it with garden motifs. I thought about what said ‘garden’ to me and made some sketches then simply sewed them onto some squares.

SAM_2554 - Copy

SAM_2555 - Copy




The backing was an old flannel sheet which had worn so thin it had a big hole in the middle – but the edges were still sturdy enough to use. The border fabric is calico which was left over from another project and the wadding was made up from all those little bits which so often end up in the bin.


Being made of ‘already¬†used’ fabric the quilt started life wonderfully soft and cuddly and is definitely one of my favourites ūüôā

Do you have any ‘free’ quilts’?

Now, on the other end of the scale I have just started on a VERY expensive project for a friend which fills me with excitement and trepidation! This is the fabric – pure dupion silk. I have zero experience with working with silk so any tips out there would be gratefully¬†received ¬†ūüôā


Until next time,

Chris x

Decorating for Easter

Last year I discovered Tilda ūüôā . That is, the lovely dolls and creatures which are designed by Tone Finnanger. It was these ‘toys’ which made me overcome my dislike of making animals and dolls – the body parts lying around used to creep me out! So last Easter I made some creatures to decorate my sewing/dining room, here they are…

Snail and Goose
Frog and Rabbit (and carrot!)

This year I decided to make them some friends ūüėČ


Some buzzy bees, I didn’t use quite the same method as described in Tone’s book ( ‘Crafting Tilda’s Friends’ if you’re interested) and I also reduced the pattern down by 50% because the bees in the book are huge – well certainly as big as the rabbit – I thought it would look a bit odd.

Body parts ūüė¶

and finally…



Two buzzy bees ūüėÄ

Do you decorate for Easter?

Until next time,

Chris x