Laid Low


Just a short post as I’m laid low with a cold.

These are a few shots of what’s looking splendid in my garden at the moment.

Welsh poppies, these come up year after year and are usually yellow or orange, occasionally you get those which just can’t make up their mind so turn out yellange or orangow!
House leeks – I love their spiky shape.
More house leeks but covered in a cobweb like coat.
Cranesbill geranium – love those veined petals.
These beautiful roses aren’t in the garden – it’s a bit too early for them yet. No, these were given to me by a friend and are keeping me company in my sewing room.

And as if the postman knew I was feeling yuk this parcel has just arrived – all the way from Australia.

20150516_123351 20150516_123437

I was lucky enough to win it from last months FNSI – thank you Wendy 🙂 I look forward to sewing these when I’m feeling a bit brighter.

Hope you all have a great week end.

Until next time,

Chris x

Presenting a Gaggle of Geese

This is a self indulgent Ta Dah moment 🙂


Funnily enough as I was deciding what to call this piece I checked to see that I’d got my collective noun of ‘gaggle’ correct and discovered that a group of geese is also called any of these: flock, plump, skein, team or wedge.

I definitely would have called this hanging ‘A Skein of Geese’ but it only refers to a group of flying geese! But that in itself has got me thinking and I think you know where I’m going with this one!

Apart from this bit of sewing I’ve been keeping busy, busy, busy in the garden, taming the jungle.

The raspberry’s have started to ripen and I’m picking a bowl a day at the moment which is fine by me as I love them!


The tomato bushes in the greenhouse are all heavy with fruit slowly ripening.


In the borders the foxgloves are just on their very last flowers


and the hollyhocks are taking over with their first flowers.

The lavender and fuchsias are spilling over the path so visitors have to brush past them to get to the front door – must trim them back today or no one will visit!

Enjoy what you’re up to today.

Until next time,

Chris x

Patchwork of the Crosses

Good morning lovely people.

On Friday a few of my stitching friends and I went to a little village called Hemingford Grey in Cambridgeshire where a well known author and quilter used to live – Lucy Boston.

Now I have to admit I hadn’t heard of her until last year when I wrote about it here. At the time I was inspired to start making a small wall hanging based on Lucy’s well known quilt ‘Patchwork of the Crosses’ but sad to say I abandoned it because I used bright colours which while lovely just aren’t me.


It’s taken a while to get round to visiting the house but I’m so glad we went. The owner, Lucy’s daughter in law, showed us round her home and shared all about the history of the place and told us lots of family stories about her Mum in law who she clearly holds in high regard.

We got to see many things which inspired Lucy in the children’s books she wrote and of course we got to see her quilts.

Now as you can appreciate we weren’t allowed to take photos inside the house so I can’t share any of the quilts with you, however here is a link to the website so you can browse the gallery for yourselves.

The gardens were so pretty, I think we timed our visit just right as all the iris’s looked stunning and the roses were just coming out. Here is a peek at what we saw.




If any of you are ever around the area please consider going for a visit, we all really enjoyed our trip out and came back with a few goodies from the shop 🙂

Maybe I need to start that wall hanging again but using my favourite softer more muted colours this time.

Until next time,

Chris x

Spring is around the corner

Not too much sewing has been happening in the last couple of days because of the gorgeous weather. after all the rain this is such a treat and I’m trying to make the most of it by doing some gardening. My poor garden is a tad neglected but even so the signs of Spring are everywhere.


Did I mention that while I was at Duxford last week I bought a little piece of gorgeous fabric? No? Well, there was this one stall which caught my eye with its original fabric designs, it’s a little French company which designs its own fabrics and I was totally taken up with this one…


soooo elegant!

And just look at the ladies…



SAM_3864all wearing their 1950s fashion – so lovely! It was a bit pricey hence me only getting a little piece. I’m now thinking hard as to what to make out of it to feature these beautiful drawings 🙂

As ever, all ideas are very welcome 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

(Just in case you wanted some the company is called Il etait une fois, link here)


A Funny Thing Happened…

Actually it was a very bizarre thing that happened! My hubby treated me to a meal out this week and we went to one of our favourite pubs for a lovely lunch.

We arrived at opening time and the place was deserted, no one around, at all.

We asked to be seated and were met with a surly, ‘Have you booked?’

‘No,’ says we, ‘Should we have?’

‘It’s always advisable, I’ll see if I can fit you in,’ the waiter then spent quite some time consulting his diary while we surveyed the totally empty dining area wondering if they had a gigantic party due in.

He eventually escorted us to a table in the darkest part of the restaurant so I politely asked if we could sit next to a window and was met with a sharp intake of breath and a ‘I’ll have to check the diary again’ before allowing us to sit where we wanted!

We then spent the rest of the meal waiting for the hoard of people (who had presumably pre-booked 🙂 ) to arrive, but no, when we left there were about 10 other diners in a room able to accommodate 60 ish!

I told you. Bizarre!

Now the question is – should I have been offended? What do you think?

On a more normal note, here’s what’s happening in my garden today,



Beautiful 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x