A Mini Makeover

I hope you all had a lovely Easter, my children brought some of their friends round and we had an Easter egg hunt – the youngest person joining in was 18 and we all had fun – never too old for that sort of thing 😉

I did insist that all the eggs were found (didn’t want to come across them in 6 months time all mouldy and melted!). That caused a bit of a problem as I couldn’t remember where I’d hidden them and the ‘hunters’ hadn’t been able to find them. It took a while but we did it 🙂

Today I’ve had the pleasure of helping a friend learn how to quilt. She took it all in her stride – rotary cutting, stitching and matching seams like a pro – way to go G! It’s very satisfying  helping someone learn a new skill.

While my friend was arranging fabrics for her project (everyone knows how long this important task takes right?)


I had time to do a mini makeover on a T-shirt I bought last week.


As you can see it’s plain and a bit boring

I needed to alter the neckline as it was a bit too plunging for my liking (you could almost see my tummy button!).

I pinned the opening where I thought would look better and made sure I tried it on to see that I could still get it on and off easily.

Then I removed the buttons and replaced them with an odd assortment of others from my button collection adding a couple more up to the new neckline position.

Et voilà a mini makeover…


That blue button ‘pops’ in the photo! Promise it’s not like that in real life!

A little less boring and bit more fun 😉

What did you get up to over Easter?

Until next time,

Chris x

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