How to make a template for a regular hexagon and one to turn it into a twisted hexagon.


See this post here

Vinyl Pouches


See this post here.

Wrapping paper roll bag


See this post here.

Scrappy Happy cards


Scrappy Happy Cards General Instructions

Scrappy Happy Cards pattern 1

Caravan Pouch


 Caravan Pouch Instructions

Caravan pouch pattern 1

Caravan pouch pattern 2

Caravan Pouch pdf instructions


 Elf Boot


 These instructions are a bit basic but if you have any problems let me know and I’ll do a proper tutorial.

Elf Boot pattern and instructions

Note: I did inside seams when I did the first 2 steps (using back stitch) and an outside seam when I attached the boot sole – piece 4 (using blanket stitch). But, of course, you can do all inside seams or all outside seams if you wish 🙂

Snowman Christmas Decoration


 Snowman Christmas Decoration

Basket Template


Basket template

7 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Cynthia Rhodes

    I love the caravan pouch. You did a great job of decorating the ones you have finished. I tried to save and open the instructions document but I can’t. My computer cannot read “doc.x” documents. Is there anyway that you can send me a PDF of the instructions? I would sure appreciate it. Thanks!

  2. Your little caravan is too sweet for words! My friend made two and I wanted to run off with them. 🙂
    Hoping for a little free time soon to make one for myself. Bless you heaps!

  3. carmen de fernandez

    apreciada sra. chris, he llegado a su blog a trabes de la sra. jenny elefanst, el cual me parece maravilloso, mil gracias por sus tutoriales y patrones. ya deje mi correo para hacerme seguidora suya

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