The Trouser Challenge part 1

Good Morning lovely people! The sun is  shining and it’s a lovely day here at UK City Crafter, I hope your day is as bright and breezy as it is here 🙂

Back in February I was presented with a pair of trousers which were very much past their best, in fact they had a massive rip in them. I was given a challenge to use them to make nice things with and a lot of you kindly gave me some ideas on this post here.

I’ve been very slow on the uptake with this project, partly because I had a few projects on the go and didn’t want to overwhelm myself with WIPs – anyone else feel a sense of panic coming on when your WIP pile gets too big?

Anyhow I have now made a start with a couple of mini makes using the trousers.

Number 1 make is a couple of coasters using sashiko as a decoration.


I gave you a peek of this here 🙂 Ha just noticed I still need to remove some chalk lines from one of them!

Number 2 make is a little purse in the style of this pencil case I made last year. I know a lot of you liked this as much as I did as I see it on Pinterest quite a lot 🙂


I love this pretty shape and instead of a caravan my little version reminded me of an open umbrella with its arched top so that is what it became!




A bit of embroidery adds the details.



I lined the messy seams so they look pretty when you open the purse up.



And here they are – biggy and littley!

My daughter liked it too and has already bagged it for herself! Looking at it now I can see that the design could easily have been a cup cake – hmm an idea for another time.

That’s the trouser project for the moment but I do intend to do more – some time 😉

Enjoy your day.

Until next time,

Chris x



12 thoughts on “The Trouser Challenge part 1

  1. Karen K

    The caravan bag is the sweetest thing!! Quite creative with the umbrella. And coasters are always useful. More trouser projects in the works??

  2. I loved your last caravan, and I think this one is great too. I don’t think I will ever throw out (i.e. to the charity shop) any item of clothing ever again – fabulous recycling!

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