A Trio of Blessings

Last week I went to my monthly quilting group and a very nice lady, Linda Turner, did a Show and Tell session. Her work involves mixed media and I was really interested to see all the different techniques she used to create her pieces.

She used quite a bit of printing on fabric (from a computer as opposed to potato printing!) as well as painting  and stencilling to create her designs and I pondered to my friend that it was something I’d like to learn how to do.

Well, would you believe it but the next day when I was at the same friend’s home she had kindly sorted through her crafting supplies  and put out all the equipment I needed to have a go at stencilling with Markal Paintsticks, and sorted out some Bubble Jet Set 2000 so I could have a go at the two techniques I’d been talking about!

She showed me how to stencil using the  Paintsticks and this is what I did. SAM_4117

SAM_4118 Now they can be embellished with embroidery, beads, buttons…

Watch this space for my experiments to print on fabric! Here’s to kind friends – thanks A 🙂

Another kind blog friend sent me a little parcel the other day as a thank you for taking part in her Spring Blog Hop – see here for my post. These are the lovely goodies Angela from Pretty Little Things in a Box sent me, SAM_4122 In my Spring post I’d mentioned that my favourite flowers were bluebells and see what she’s made me – a hoop hanging of bluebells – sooo pretty. Thank you Angela 🙂

She’s just starting a sew-a-along on her blog which I’m very tempted to join in, why not go check it out.

And as if that wasn’t enough blessings from friends I had a visit from another pal at the weekend who brought me these lovely scented stocks which are filling my home with their delicious scent. SAM_4124 How lucky am I? Hope you are blessed this week with good things.

Until next time,

Chris x


5 thoughts on “A Trio of Blessings

  1. fab printing – the rose is very Mackintosh. I look forward to seeing them all embellished and embroidered. Why oh why did you tell us about the 39 squares SAL?? I’m so tempted and yet so overcommitted already!

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