Secret Santa

Hello and Welcome 🙂

On Thursday evening my little sewing group had time out from sewing and had a Christmas social instead, although we are usually a social bunch on a normal sewing evening come to think about it!

One of the ladies cooked us a beautiful meal (Thanks R 🙂 )and we chatted and had a wonderful time.

We did a Christmas themed Secret Santa and as we are a sewing group it seemed appropriate that those who had the time would hand make their pressies.

Now I’m not sure that the person I gifted to has guessed that their pressie was from me so I suppose this post may well let the cat out of the bag! This is what I made.




SAM_4793Three cheery snowmen to decorate a tree. I made sure I used sparkly felt, sparkly ribbon and sparkly buttons as the person it was for loves her sparkles 🙂

It’s starting to feel a bit like Christmas 🙂

If you’d like to have a go I shall put the pattern on my tutorial page.

Until next time,

Chris x

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Miss Evangeline

Hello and welcome 🙂

Introducing Miss Evangeline Mouse!

SAM_4610 - Copy

Finally finished with her cute little nose and pretty skirt (she first appeared in this post). Of course she needed a friend to keep her company…

SAM_4609 - Copy

and another friend…

SAM_4606 - Copy


and yet another friend…!



these gorgeous little mice will be put away for my craft stall in November, which means that if I want one I shall have to make another 😉

Until next time,

Chris x

If you’d like to comment and/or ‘like’ this post, and I hope you do! – then just click on the post title and you will be taken to the comment page – look forward to hearing from you.

Basket Case

I’ve yet again fallen into the trap of starting something new instead of tackling my pile of unfinished work!

Hands up who’s guilty as charged as well as me! Oops I can see a lot of hands up in the air 😉

I happened upon a picture of a quilt with a basket on it. Not just any old basket but a woven basket. As I’ve been playing with bias tubes quite a bit of late with my niece’s cushion covers I decided to try it out.

I started by drawing a basket shape I liked and then made oodles of bias tubes. Some of which became the warp (vertical threads) and the others got woven in between the warp threads to be the weft. You can see from the picture that a lot of pins were used to make this!


I was surprised at quite how many tubes were needed – I ran out and had to make more.


The loose ends were tucked under (with the invaluable help of Roxanne’s glue – good stuff but I’d be interested to know if anyone knows of a cheaper alternative?) and the end bars were stitched down on both sides.


I made a simple bias tube plait for the handle and tucked it behind a slightly wider bias tube which covers the warp threads at the top and bottom of the basket.


This is the result, I now want to back it, quilt it and then make some lovely 3 dimensional flowers to put in it.


The majority of the woven basket isn’t stitched down which gives it a lovely ’rounded’ quality and in case you’re wondering the woven bias tubes are so tightly packed that you can’t see the background fabric through the weave.

Here I’ve put the borders on – guess what colour my flowers are going to be?!

Has anyone noticed that the blue fabric is the same as I used for my Gaggle of Geese wall hanging? It’s my new favourite however, as ever, the photos just don’t do it justice.

Watch this space!

Have a lovely week end.

Until next time,

Chris x

Invisible Binding

Thank you for all your lovely comments on my Have a Gander post. They quite energised me to finish it so instead of having a go at making another bread basket for my ‘Friday Night Sew In’ I set to and got on with making my Goosey WALL HANGING.

Yes, that’s right, I finally decided that it wasn’t going to become a cushion, mainly because as Fiona from Celtic Thistle Stitches pointed out cushions can receive some rough treatment and the thought of my geese being sat on was too much to bear 😉

Now a couple of months ago my Quilter’s group had a speaker visiting us and this lady didn’t like binding her quilts preferring to have a sort of invisible binding instead (until that point I don’t think I’d ever considered that there was a different way of finishing off a quilt!).

I remembered that talk when I was pondering about binding my wall hanging and decided to try the ‘invisible’ finishing off technique this lady spoke about.

I discovered that this is called facing a quilt and that’s what I did on Friday.

I found some tutorials on the good old internet and followed this one by Quiltmaker in particular but threw in some of the hints and tips of the others as well!

This is the process I followed (documented for my own benefit so I’ll be able to do it again!)

1.Measure long sides of quilt. Cut 2 1/2″ strips 1/4″ smaller than this measurement.

2. Measure short sides, cut 2 1/2″ strips to this length.

3. On one long side of all 4 strips press under 1/2″ .

4. Place one long strip, right sides together on the quilt, match the ends of the strip to the sides of the quilt as below.Pin at both ends (remember this long strip is 1/4″ short so it will need to be eased into position – this apparently helps to flatten the facing when it is flipped to the back of the quilt).

Repeat with other long strip.


5. Using a walking foot sew the long facing strips to the quilt using a 1/4″ seam. Begin at one short end, turning the corners with one diagonal stitch, as shown.


6. Position the short facing strips, right side down, along the short sides of the quilt. Cut the ends of the strips so they overhang the folded edge of the long facing strips by about 1″

7. Sew in place.




8. Trim the corners to reduce bulk and flip the facing to the back of the quilt, carefully push out the corners.



9. Press the facing to the back, pin and slip stitch in place.

I haven’t done step 9 yet – that’s next on my list!

Enjoy the rest of the week end.

Until next time,

Chris x

Have a Gander

Good Morning Everyone 🙂

I have been working on my geese again, the quilting is all finished and I’m pleased with how it’s turned out.



Now I’m putting those little finishing touches to the design with the addition of a bit of embroidery.


The geese’s wings are being given a bit of definition with some pale grey floss, and I’ll embroider a few clumps of grass and colonial knot flowers to add a bit of interest.

The big question is what to turn the piece into now, a cushion (pillow for my US friends) or a wall hanging or perhaps I could be clever and incorporate a hanging pocket on the back of a cushion cover so it’s multi purpose?

I like this piece so much that I’m thinking of making it my blog header – what do you think?

Tomorrow I’ve signed up to join in with Wendy’s  Friday Night Sew In over at Sugarlane Designs where a gaggle of girlies sew ‘together’ in bloggy companionship on Friday and share what they’ve been up to during the week end. If you’d like to join in then you’d be more than welcome – sign up on Wendy’s blog.


Until next time,

Chris x