Decorating for Easter

Last year I discovered Tilda 🙂 . That is, the lovely dolls and creatures which are designed by Tone Finnanger. It was these ‘toys’ which made me overcome my dislike of making animals and dolls – the body parts lying around used to creep me out! So last Easter I made some creatures to decorate my sewing/dining room, here they are…

Snail and Goose
Frog and Rabbit (and carrot!)

This year I decided to make them some friends 😉


Some buzzy bees, I didn’t use quite the same method as described in Tone’s book ( ‘Crafting Tilda’s Friends’ if you’re interested) and I also reduced the pattern down by 50% because the bees in the book are huge – well certainly as big as the rabbit – I thought it would look a bit odd.

Body parts 😦

and finally…



Two buzzy bees 😀

Do you decorate for Easter?

Until next time,

Chris x

7 thoughts on “Decorating for Easter

  1. Thanks for popping in over at my blog for the HOP. I did finally finish…Whew!
    I too adore Tilda…Your projects are perfect! Love the bunnies! I’ve added you in my reader BlogLovin’ and will be able to keep up with all your wonderful projects.
    Happy Stitching/Sewing,

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