Frugal Quilting

In the UK (and probably in other countries too) quilting cotton costs an arm and a leg. So I always try to have a project in mind before I buy, and I always try to finish my project too (it may take a while but I do try!)

This is a picture of my gorgeous raggy quilt which didn’t cost a single penny to make…

SAM_2553 - Copy

The whole quilt front is made from old cotton shirts that were either my husbands or were given to me.

I call it my ‘Garden Quilt’ because I embroidered it with garden motifs. I thought about what said ‘garden’ to me and made some sketches then simply sewed them onto some squares.

SAM_2554 - Copy

SAM_2555 - Copy




The backing was an old flannel sheet which had worn so thin it had a big hole in the middle – but the edges were still sturdy enough to use. The border fabric is calico which was left over from another project and the wadding was made up from all those little bits which so often end up in the bin.


Being made of ‘already used’ fabric the quilt started life wonderfully soft and cuddly and is definitely one of my favourites 🙂

Do you have any ‘free’ quilts’?

Now, on the other end of the scale I have just started on a VERY expensive project for a friend which fills me with excitement and trepidation! This is the fabric – pure dupion silk. I have zero experience with working with silk so any tips out there would be gratefully received  🙂


Until next time,

Chris x

12 thoughts on “Frugal Quilting

  1. daisybellecrafts

    Your quilt is wonderfull. It looks so snug and welcoming!
    (I have been eyeing up a workshirt of my husband’s too, it is a lilac with pinstripes and is just the right material and color that I need for a little upcycling project that I want to do. But the shirt is still relatively new so that is so not going to happen anytime soon.)

  2. I love the quilt it’s lovely.its so pretty!
    I also keep old shits or in fact most items of clothing for the material. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it sooner, I’d have a great stash!

  3. I don’t have any totally free quilts, but, I am mixing in some old shirts to some patch work I’m currently doing. Feeling very good about recycling it, took great pleasure in snipping off the buttons and storing them for anther project.

    See you’re doing the atc swap….I’m busy thinking about mine,though with such a tiny space!

  4. This quilt is a treasure, I just love everything about it. Here in the states we haunt thrift store to find shirts to cut up for a quilt like this because you’re right quilt fabric is very expensive, about $9/yd. My husband just retired and might be willing to part with all those dress shirts – humm…

  5. Cute. I made a quilt from cut-up men’s flannel shirts, but I bought them at a thrift store for $1 each. It was fun to cut up clothes. I like the colors you used and your embroidery.

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