Memories of Grandad

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Back in December I started making these little flowers and I thought you might like to see what I eventually did with them.


They reminded me of chrysanthemums which in turn reminded me of my Grandad who used to grow them in his garden. I have lovely memories of playing in his garden and seeing all the huge flowers tied up to sturdy supports.

So this is what I made,


A bunch of Chrysanthemums in autumnal colours all jostling for space in a plant pot,


with a cheeky little snail hoping for some lunch!



Eagle eyed long term followers might recognise something rather familiar about this wall hanging as I made one similar to it a little while ago.


I have plans to make a third one too, I’m pretty sure what flower I shall be doing – one that reminds me of my Grandma, but haven’t decided on the type of container it’ll be in.

What reminds you of your Grand parents?

Until next time,

Chris x




13 thoughts on “Memories of Grandad

  1. Oh Chris, what a beautiful way to remember your Grandad! The flowers are so well done. I have an ornament from one Grandma that I treasure. She bought it for me for being good when I was little and my Mum was in hospital. Crinoline ladies and forget me nots always remind me of my other Grandma, she did beautiful embroidered linens. My Mum got them out the other day for me to borrow so I could show Abi, I hope to post some pics soon (when we get some decent weather to take them 😃).

  2. What a great wallhanging and a great remembrance quilt. Unfortunately my one grandad was dead by the time I was born and the other was ill. I do remember him giving me hell once though as he caught me pinching his rhubarb from his allotment. My great uncle was a substitute grandad and his favourite flower was the Sweet William. I have to grow them in the garden every year as a nod to him xx

  3. Kathleen

    These are beautiful!! You are one talented lady!
    I only knew my maternal grandmother. She was “from the old country.” Spoke Italian and understood and spoke some English. What I remember most about her is her gray hair pulled back in a tight bun. And she loved to be at our house when my mom and some of her sisters played scrabble together. They would put the board on a little turntable type thing for ease of taking their turns. Although Grandma wasn’t educated enough to play the game, she knew the importance of being careful with the board and would pretend she was going to flip the scrabble board over. She had a little mischief in her!!

  4. Lovely Chris -will you hang all three together? I was very fortunate to have all my grandparents until I was well into my 20’s. I am hoping that this bodes well for my longevity!!My maternal grandparents lived on the edge of Epping forest and my grandad always took us for walks in the forest and fishing in the pond. Great fun. xx

  5. Love your chrysanthemums and your woven baskets. All my grandparents were gone by my early teens.. I still remember somethings about my nan though… Not much really.. I am glad I am here for my grandchildren…

  6. What nice memories! I don’t remember much about my grandfathers except them being kind of old and grumpy. But my Grandmother is another story. Before she got sick she was always so happy to see us kids. She would take our faces in her hands that smelled of vitamin e lotion, kissing our cheeks till I was happy and embarrassed because I just can’t remember anyone ever being so glad to see me or showing that much love. I can never see fudge without thinking of her and how she would make a huge tray just for our visits, sneaking us some of that delicious creamy stuff even though our mom said no. She was an example to me of how to love and care for your family. Thank you for bringing her memory into sharp focus.

  7. Isabel's Needleworks

    Wow. This is a gorgeous piece and what a beautiful idea. Holyhocks remind me of my grandparents. Grammie had a garden full of them next to the kitchen window where the humming birds would come.

  8. dezertsuz

    I really like both of those little quilts. I look forward to seeing the third one in the group! Are you hanging them together on the wall?

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