ATC Swap and Reveal

I posted off my little artist trading card last week to its secret recipient


and this week I received a little parcel with my swap card in it.


This gorgeous, bright picture of Autumn was made by Sam (no blog) – thank you so much…. I love it and appreciate the time and attention to detail that went into making it 🙂

Thank you Kerry of Very Berry Handmade for organising the swap for us, I’ve enjoyed making a little card and really enjoyed receiving one 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

Teeny, tiny hexies

I have signed up to take part in an artist trading card (ATC) swap hosted by Ali at Very Berry Handmade. I made my first one here and enjoyed it so much that I thought I’d do another 🙂

The theme is Autumn and I’m thinking about a little tree made up of hexies, but the trading cards are only 3 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inches so the hexies have got to be teeny tiny. Hmm I’ll give it a go but I may change my mind!

While I was searching for some free templates I came upon this site where you can get hexie templates in any size you want (as well as other shapes too).


These hexies are 0.4 inch which seem to be as small as my fingers can cope with – yes I did try to do some smaller ones but my stress levels went through the roof!

A hexie sitting on a one pound coin – tiny 🙂
All stitched up and waiting to be turned into a tree – hope it works!


I’m also starting to make another banner for my church, this one is for Advent – the season leading up to Christmas. There will be two of them, mirror images of each other and unlike the others I’ve made these will have a real ‘patchwork’ feel to them



Hope you have time to sew today 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

ATC Finale

Do you remember the ATC swap I have been busy sewing for? I posted about it here and here.

Well I posted my little card off on Monday and today Mr Postman brought me this exciting little parcel…


Inside was a tiny present tied up in gorgeous lace (definitely going to use that in some project soon 🙂 )


and inside that was this…


Just look at the tiny knitted jumper, and the careful machine embroidery – a wee bird, washing line and posts. There are even embroidered pegs!

The tiny flowers are all machine appliqued on too – someone is seriously good with their machine.


Love the vintage look to the fabric – in fact I love everything about it. Thank you Gill.


Quick update on the Silk Project – the worst is over, that is the sewing part I’d been nervous about, and it’s all looking good 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

ATC Progress

‘A new day dawning – a new beginning’. That is the title of my little artist trading card, I wanted something that was uplifting and full of hope for whoever receives it (of course I know who it’s going to but it’s a big secret!)

You saw a little of how I was getting on with my card last week. After making a start I whizzed on with finishing it.


This is the planning stage – did you notice two rising suns? That’s right, I’ve made two little cards.



I really enjoyed all the stitching – just simple but pretty.



This bit was tricky, I needed at least three hands to sort this out!


…and here they are all finished and sitting next to the picture they were inspired by. Now which one shall I send and which one shall I keep?

Until next time,

Chris x

Covering my Bottom

🙂 🙂 🙂 sooooo exciting!

My chair is being transformed, and it is so nearly finished.

I did my homework of sewing the out back and out arms on …


It took HOURS. Using a curved needle is a skill in itself, mine kept stabbing me – it reminded me of when I had to use the vicious long needle here!

Apparently I didn’t do the ladder stitch quite right, I should have kept more tension in the thread as I sewed so when I pulled the out back down the stitches wouldn’t show. As it is mine do show a bit but it’s not too bad and I shall know for next time 🙂

I spent class time tensioning the back and arms and securing them with tacks to underneath the seat, then fitting the bottom cloth (sadly I discovered it wasn’t called an out bottom 😉 ) so the mess underneath the chair is hidden. The bottom cloth is traditionally black – not sure why – and has to be taut so it doesn’t sag and so isn’t noticeable when you look at the chair.


Soooo I only have a bit more stitching and tacking the bottom cloth in place and then…done 🙂 🙂 🙂


You may have noticed a new button on my sidebar for an ATC Swap hosted by Very Berry Handmade. Artist Trading Cards are little pieces of art, they are only 2 ½ by 3 ½ inches big so not much space to be creative – or so I thought. After googling them I was astounded at how creative people made them.

Now I wouldn’t class myself as an artist by any stretch of the imagination but this is something I’ve never done before so I thought I’d get out of my comfort zone and give it a go. Funnily enough the swap theme is ‘Something new’ so just by making one I’ll have fulfilled that 😉

This is my progress so far…

A new day dawning
A new day dawning

Lots to do yet but it’s started and that can be the hardest part sometimes can’t it?

What’s the last thing you did which was out of your comfort zone?

Until next time,

Chris x