April WiPs

Welcome 🙂

Last month’s WiP was a crochet project which had been sitting around for rather longer than it should have been given how close it was to being finished.

Back in 2014 I made some mice, two of which remained unfinished – all the body parts were made, they just needed sewing together – and never got done.

It’s nice to have an incentive to do WiPs so I thought I could gift one of the mice to my little grand niece for her birthday. But as I’d already bought her a cute little bunny hat I thought she might like a rabbit toy to go with it. I googled rabbit ears (you’d be amazed at just how many patterns popped up – obviously popular) and set off crocheting some and so the mice became rabbits!


One for little one year old Savannah and one to stay here.

Before one was posted off I couldn’t resist a silly synchronised bunny ears photoshoot!


This one will go to my great niece ( that’s a spare skirt she’s got tucked under her arm)


and this one will stay with me.


I’ve decided not to tackle a WiP during May as I’ve got rather a lot on.

Until next time,

Chris x