Out Backs and Out Arms

I always thought the out back referred to somewhere in Australia, but no, it’s an upholstery term for the bit of fabric which goes on the back of the back of the chair – that just appeals to my quirky sense of humour – guess where the out arm is? There’s even an out bottom which really makes me giggle 😉

The fact that I’m now tackling the out back and out arms on my chair means that I’m on the final stages of the renovation (insert an excited squeal here!) .

Do you remember the little parcel I made up to put inside the chair (see the post here)– it contains a note to anyone who renovates the chair after me, samples of the fabrics I found on the chair and a Thruppenny Bit which must have got itself trapped down the side of the arm. Well yesterday I wedged it carefully inside the iron frame of the chair back.


Then I covered it up with two layers of wadding


And finally with the fabric,



all had to be carefully pinned into placeSAM_2598



My homework is to get cracking with sewing the out back and out arms on using ladder stitch.

Two sessions to go – I think I’m going to make it


Until next time,

Chris x

Happy Dance

It’s done, it’s finished! No not the chair – the clothes horse 🙂

The dusty, dirty, broken clothes horse found lurking at the back of the shed has had its makeover. Gone is the flaky green paint (I quite liked the effect of it being half sanded off, shabby chic style, but the paint covered everything it touched) replaced with bright white paint which won’t stain anything you put on it.

I bought some strong (but not very pretty) webbing for the fabric hinges and covered it in very pretty fabric that wasn’t in my stash 😉


Thank goodness I’d taken a photo of the old hinge so I could work out how it was put together, although I dare say the old internet would have helped if I hadn’t 🙂  Where would we be without it?

I was going to use tacks to attach the webbing to the frame until I remembered the lovely brass studs I’d been hammering into my chair – a much nicer alternative even though it means I haven’t got enough studs to finish my chair now!


And finally a tadah moment!



Of course the real reason I wanted to renovate this was to be able to put it to good use displaying my quilts 😉

Which, when they aren’t on a bed, tend to get folded up and put into a suitcase and forgotten about, but now…

SAM_2549 SAM_2551

So what do you think? What do you use to display your quilts?

Have a lovely week end.

Until next time,

Chris x

Armless Enough

I spent HOURS this week trying to cover the arm of my chair with fabric AND for it to look good. HOURS and HOURS!

It wasn’t until Monday that I realised there was a trick to it, but even then I struggled to get it to look as good (or even vaguely as good) as the arm my upholstery tutor did.

My Tutor’s side
and my side, there are a lot more gathers and they are distorting the front of the arm which you can’t see in this photo.

Yesterday, chair class day, my tutor made some quite minor tweaks and it all looked good – you just can’t beat experience when it comes to practical skills can you? Thanks Sue 🙂

The gathers are now only at the side so the front looks smooth.

The chair is on its way – and very exciting it is too after recent frustrations. I’ve started putting the stud trim around the legs…



Looks good doesn’t it?

Three weeks to go and the goal is in sight 🙂 – just wondering about another project now!


With the help of DaisyBelleCrafts (a self confessed lover of all things Tilda 🙂 ) I’ve decided to make a Tilda-inspired creature with my new fabric.

The pieces are cut out and waiting in the wings.


They are at the back of a lengthy queue of crafty things on my ‘to do’ list – but I think they may well jump to the front 😉

Until next time,

Chris x

Horsing around

Today I’ve been lured outside by the sun shining 🙂

I have had a trip to a lovely garden centre and bought some tomato plants ready to plant up when the frosts have passed. I have also potted up some cuttings which I took last autumn. (I might have also popped very briefly into a craft shop too – but only because a friend dragged me in 😉 )

And I have worked on a little renovation project too.


Does anyone remember these clothes horses? I have fond memories of draping my Mum’s clothes horse in a sheet and making it into a tent and sitting in it imagining myself in all sorts of adventures!

Well, this one was in a pretty poor state, as you can see, and was destined for the tip so I thought I’d try to rescue it.


I’d already sanded it down which had left me as green as the clothes horse, and I’d removed the webbing (which was pretty much rotten)  and had had to enlist in some muscular help to remove the tacks which were giving me a few problems to say the least.

Today I have painted it white and am leaving it to dry before putting it altogether again.


Just got to buy some webbing and tacks ready for the next stage 🙂

Look at my camillia – flowering for the first time ever 😀

camillia collage

Until next time,

Chris x