Breaking Needles

Welcome 🙂

Recently I’ve got into a bad habit! I’m not sure what I do differently from before but these days it seems that every time I remove my sewing machine table I manage to break the machine needle, how it happens I can’t quite work out but I’m just grateful that I don’t dismantle my machine too often.

It got me thinking that I should really keep some spare machine needles in my sewing tin just in case this happens when I’m at a workshop. Otherwise I’d have to beg steal or borrow one from someone.

So I was really pleased to see this simple idea on Threadbear Creations for a matchbook needle keeper.


Rose has put together a little tutorial here.

Yes, I know I could just bring my needles in the case the manufacturers sold them in but this is much prettier!

Last night I showed my Ladies Wot Sew group how to make German Stars for our Christmas trees (see my last post here).


I think everyone did a great job 🙂

Have a lovely week end.

Until next time,

Chris x