Hexie Workshop

Welcome 🙂

I love a good workshop and yesterday I was lucky enough to go to one. One of our regular quilt group members put on a little workshop to show us how to make hexagons using our sewing machines – and no y seams!

Of course it was one of those super cheat methods which uses lots of half hexagons joined together. The good thing about it is that as long as you cut everything accurately then it all goes together easily.


Here is a tutorial of the sort of thing we did over at A Quilting Life – thanks Sherrie.

We used a 60 degree triangle ruler to measure out the half hexagons instead of a hexagon template but it all works in a similar way.

We used 2 1/2 inch strips to cut out half hexagons, making sure we cut an even number of each colour (so we could join them together to make a whole hexagon!).

We spent quite some time putting our pieces into just the right arrangement- we put them on top of wadding which acted like a mini design wall. Then sewed our pieces together into strips then sewed our strips together to get our hexie masterpiece!

We were working on making cushion covers but Sue, our tutor, showed us a couple of things she was making using the half hexie blocks.

Grandmother’s flower garden


Half hexie picture


Of course no one finished their cushion covers – we were all chatting too much 😉

Until next time,

Chris x