A Little bit of This and That

Welcome 🙂

I seem to have been flitting from one project to another recently, after the start of the year being almost exclusively dedicated to Jane this has been a bit of a change. I’ve been busy making a quilt which I forgot to take a photo of until it was all wrapped up and ready to deliver! However it’s exactly the same as the one in this post!


Rather unexpectedly a friend had her baby VERY early so a plan to make a baby quilt quickly became a reality and luckily I had enough of the lovely soft flannel fabric to make another quilt, also, so her little boy didn’t feel left out I made him a matching quilt for his teddy 🙂

I’ve been working on a few Dear Jane blocks and here are a few which I’ve recently finished, starting with this one which is hot off the machine – only finished this today!


D10 battlefield – foundation pieced. This was a bit of a battle to do and has ended up with wonky (or quirky?) triangles in the corners – all part of what will make my Dear Jane quilt unique to me!


G11 Decisions,Decisions – pieced and appliqué.


B13 Four Corner Press – pieced, nice and straightforward.


I3 Family Album – pieced.


M12 Hopscotch – pieced. Not quite sure what happened to this one, it seems to be missing bits but at the moment I’ve cut it too big so it should be just fine when trimmed to the finished size.

And finally,


L7 Town Square – pieced

I had a little wander round my garden this morning and found this brilliant daffodil,


I planted a bag of mixed dwarf daffodil bulbs last year and this is one of the varieties – I’ve never seen anything like it, so pretty in a wild and wacky sort of way 😉

Until next time,

Chris x


I Will Survive

Welcome 🙂

As you know my daughter got married during the summer and as she left to go on her honeymoon she gave me her beautiful bouquet.

It was a gorgeous arrangement of daisy like flowers, craspedia and an unknown variety of sempervivum.


We enjoyed the arrangement until the daisies started to wilt.

It seemed a shame to throw the rest of it away so I dismantled the bouquet and removed the craspedia – they went into a vase to dry out.

That left the sempervivums which had been pierced through with wires so that they could be fixed into the bouquet. I unwired them and potted them into compost –  I really didn’t think they’d grow but thought that it was worth a try and this is what happened…


Now that they’ve got going I shall give them to my daughter and her hubby to look after, another momento of a very special day 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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