UFO challenge for March

Welcome πŸ™‚

For March’s UFO challenge I decided to push the boat out and try to finish two things. Ambitious or what!

The first UFO I’ve decided to do is a kit by Kathleen Laurel Sage which I had started last year. Like last months UFO (just here) I haven’t really got too much to do but I can remember that it got put away because I was nervous of ruining it by doing the ‘next step’ which involved a soldering iron and burning holes into the fabric.

This is it at the moment,


I’m still a bit nervous about working on it but as I’ve told you all about it I’ve got to do it now – right ;).

The second UFO was a lot less scary. Last year I made a couple of shabby chic birds which my daughter used to decorate her wedding cake. At around that time I decided to make myself a couple of birds too. I got them cut out and half sewn up before they were abandoned, put into a plastic bag and disappeared out of sight and out of mind.

I was reminded of them because at my local quilter’s group this month we made Easter garlands and I thought they looked like little nests. I thought, ‘I need some birds for my nest,’ and so this week I got on with them.

Here they are ready to decorate my home for Easter.


The ‘nest’ is made by knotting strips of organza round a wooden curtain ring until you can’t see the ring any more. I glued a circular piece of cardboard on the base of mine to turn it into a nest.


What’s a nest if it doesn’t have any eggs in it!


Phew one more UFO done! I’d better get on with the other one now!

Until next time,

Chris x

Tweet Tweet Cake Topper

Welcome πŸ™‚

It seems like months ago now (and probably was πŸ˜‰ ) when my daughter and her now hubby asked me if I could sew them a couple of birds to use as a cake topper for their wedding cake.

I gathered many (and I mean MANY) bird patterns together from the internet and worked my way through making them on a mission to find the perfect one!

Well, as we all know, the perfect one is never to be found so I adapted patterns until I had a bird which my daughter liked.

These are the prototypes which were made and discarded!


and finally the final version

20150627_091055 20150627_091107 20150627_091116

And here they are on top of the wedding cake.

cutting the cake1

Until next time,

Chris x

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