I See Stars

Welcome 🙂

In my last post I was really close to finishing my EPP quilt and in this post I can happily announce that it is indeed done!

20150909_131448 20150909_131508

After writing a while back (here) that when I look at this quilt it is the stars that leap out at me, others said that they see either the hexagons or the tumbling blocks first so I decided to change the quilt’s name from ‘Starry Night’ to ‘I see Stars’.

However, I decided not to go overboard with emphasising the stars in the quilt but I have sewn on a few mother of pearl star buttons around the outer edge of stars.

20150909_131458 20150909_131907

I’m so pleased it is finished. Now I can think about another hand project to do – any ideas?

Tonight I’m going to my monthly quilting group and the programme says we will be starting on making an hexagonal table mat and that we need to take 19 5 1/2 inch squares of fabric with us.

This is what I’ve selected but I have no idea what this table mat looks like so this may or may not be suitable.


I’ll let you know!

Until next time,

Chris x

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Yet Again

Welcome 🙂

One day soon I shall have a ‘Ta dah’ moment and you will be pleased to see the last of my EPP quilt but unfortunately today is not that day!

I have yet again fished it out of the WIP pile and been doing a little bit of quilting on it. I’m pleased to announce that I have now finished sewing round all the stars and hexagons and am now working my way around the border.



No, your eyes are not deceiving you, I have already attached the binding mainly because I had a bit of a panic that I didn’t have enough fabric and needed to make sure I had there and then! Happily there was plenty and it’s another little task out of the way.

As I started to quilt today I noticed some of my stitches were looking a bit wonky, and then I noticed my needle! Time for a change I think 😉


I do love the rich autumnal colours of this quilt and it seems fitting that it’s being finished just as Summer here in the UK is fading.

I’ve also been doing a bit on this project…


It’s slowly coming on.

Enjoy your WIPs maybe by next week this one of mine will be a finish 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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Sunny Day

Welcome 🙂

In between all the secret wedding sewing that’s happening here I’ve found a bit of time to work on my EPP quilt.

I used a tip that Karen of Faeries and Fibres shared and that was to quilt around the big shapes first to stabilise the quilt sandwich and then go back and fill in the smaller areas.


As you can see I’ve done a big stitch round the hexagons. Boy was it hard to alter my stitch length! I guess we are all used to stitching the way we do that to suddenly change is tough, quite a bit of unpicking happened to start with as my stitches were too small for the effect I wanted, but I got there 😉


I’m now working through all those stars, just going round them one by one. Funny when I made them I eagerly counted each one up to my target number of 126, now I’m eagerly counting down from 126!


About half done now, but there’s no rush 🙂

The sun has been shining and as we are firmly into Spring here there’s a lot of seed sowing happening in the garden. This year I’m hoping to do more vegetable growing than before and although I don’t have a vast garden I do have a greenhouse and a small raised bed, both of which I plan to fill with goodies.

Happy days 🙂

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Until next time,

Chris x

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