All Finished

I’m exhaling a long breath of contentment, all my hand mades are finished and I’m as sorted as I’ll ever be 🙂

The Sewing bag is all done and I admit to being very pleased with it, so pleased that I think I shall make one for myself next year!

It’s made of linen (what else!) The red spotty linen was an impulse buy a while ago – I just loved the colour and knew I’d find something to make with it.


It has a large pocket at the front to keep a notebook in,


two smaller pockets at either end for notions and four gusseted pockets on the back to hold bulkier items.




The inside is lined with calico and I’ve finished it all off with short handles so it’s easy to carry. And, of course you have to have a matching pincushion and needle book don’t you?


The other mystery objects which were waiting to be finished were smelly robins!

Here they are waiting to take flight 😉

They are stuffed with a mixture of rice and cloves and are designed to sit on a warm radiator. The smell is delicious and very Christmassy 🙂

Wrapped up and almost ready to give away.

I do hope you are all coming to the end of your ‘must makes’ and will be able to get on with your own projects soon.

Until next time,

Chris x

It’s a New Day

Last week I hosted my little sewing group, ‘Ladies Wot Sew,’ and I spent the whole evening watching all my friends busying away with their projects.

There was doll making, blanket edging, tea cosy constructing, festive decoration designing going on around me and I sat and just enjoyed the company . My friends were happily crafting away and I was happily watching them wondering when I’d feel the urge to sew again.


The weekend was another story, I looked around my sewing room and picked up my Christmas quilt pieces and thought shall I, shan’t I? and did 🙂

Woohoo ladies I do believe the mojo is returning!

I took my time and pieced the strips together until I’d completed the top of one quilt, I then layered it up so it’s now ready to quilt.


I always used to spray baste my quilts but more often than not these days I just pin using quilter’s safety pins. I find that as long as I use plenty of pins the quilt layers don’t shift around during quilting (although goodness knows how because I have a domestic sewing machine with a small throat so the quilt is shoved and stuffed and rolled and scrunched during the process!)

I’d like to try Pinmoors – has anyone tried them? What are they like? Easier or no difference?

I shall have to choose a quilting pattern to use and practise on some swatches – I’m still quite new to free motion quilting so like to first draw then sew a sample. I’m hoping that one day it will all become natural to me.

Here is the reason for the Christmas quilt…


Last year I made these Christmas cushions using a free pattern by Australian Homespun magazine called A Long Time Ago in Bethlehem.

They really brightened up the Living room but something was missing! So the plan was to make two quilts to finish it all off – so much for plans! I might just get one quilt done for Christmas, we’ll see.

cushion collage

Until next time,

Chris x

Introducing Lizzie Jane and a problem

Good Morning lovely readers, today I want to introduce you to a little girl who grew out of my imagination.


Her name is Lizzie Jane and she is the result of a sketching session I had after reading this phrase;

‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain’

Someone I know has had a bad time over the past couple of years and she has quoted this saying on quite a few occasions. A saying which is probably more of a mantra to help her through the difficulties. It’s such an evocative and uplifting phrase that I wanted to embroider it onto something and so I drew Lizzie Jane dancing in the rain with the idea of surrounding her with the phrase.


Vivian Greene who is attributed to writing the phrase has copyrighted it and I don’t feel that I can use it.


what can I use instead? Help!

Dancing through the rain/storm

Learning to enjoy the rain

Learning to dance in the rain

Making the most of every day

Ideas please (pretty please 😉 )

Until next time,

Chris x

Prettying Things Up

Daniel Craig has once again been tutoring my family on how to avoid standing on fabric which is left lying in annoying and inconvenient places! (See here for an explanation 😉 )

The second church banner is slowly coming on but I’m trying to take my time and do a good job – some things are too special to rush.

I’ve also spent a little bit of time prettying up a couple of plain T-shirts,

They went from this…


to this…




The embroidery only took half an hour and the T-shirts are now unique – can’t be bad 😀 AND I received a compliment on the first day I wore them!

Until next time,

Chris x

Caravan Holiday

Do you remember when I made my daughter this pencil case?


I really liked its shape and decided to make myself one too.


as I was looking at it again I had the thought that it looked a bit like a caravan and wouldn’t it be fun to make a caravan pencil case to remind me of my lovely caravan holiday in France this summer.

And so started a fun few hours cutting and stitching and creating to come up with this…


What do you think?

I used my linen (still in love with the stuff 🙂 ) and some gorgeous flowery fabric from my abandoned Lucy Boston wall hanging.

Then embroidered a window, door and bunting onto it




decorated the back a bit…



added a bit of ribbon to the zip


neatened up the seams inside



Until next time,

Chris x

This caravan case has been a bit of a hit on Pinterest 🙂 If you’re visiting from there welcome. I am intending to write a pattern for this so keep checking back and if I leave it too long feel free to give me a gentle reminder!

November 2014 update: The promised pattern has now been written and can be found on my Tutorials page, please enjoy it and send me a photo of your creations 🙂