Catch Up Jane Day

Welcome 🙂

I’m still quietly getting on with Jane although she has rather been pushed to one side as I’ve branched out and started making other bits and pieces.

I have a brand new great nephew and so I wanted to make him a little cot quilt. As his granny is also a quilter I decided on making something quite simple and quick leaving it for Granny to make the ‘special’ quilt!

I had some beautifully soft flannel in baby blues in my stash which just called out for a simple pattern. I’ve backed it with super soft fleece and quilted it in straight lines. It will be cosy and cuddly and easy to wash – an essential for baby quilts!


Here are a few of the Dear Jane blocks I’ve been busy with,


K12 Doris’s Dilemma – EPP. This one is a bit of a dilemma as I made it using the pattern in the book only to realise afterwards that the blue shape in the middle of the design is a square in the actual quilt! I may redo this, I may not – but I was a little cross that the book wasn’t accurate.


L11 Caitlin’s Rose – foundation pieced. You can just see where I had to unpick a seam and redo it, thankfully those little holes do close up when I dampen the fabric 🙂


L3 Reflection’s Abound – Foundation pieced


B2 Sweet Tater Pie – pieced and appliqué.


C5 Eye of the Cyclone – pieced, appliqué and reverse appliqué.


E5 Rising Sun – foundation and appliqué. I do like this one, I wonder what a quilt of these blocks would look like? Hmmmm!

Have a great week end.

Until next time,

Chris x


Beautiful Bargains

Welcome 🙂

I’ve been a busy little bee working steadily and completing a few more DJ blocks.



E11 Wagon Wheel – appliqué. This took a couple of evenings of happy sewing to do. There’s no rushing this project!20160219_124956

I11 Coyote Chase – pieced and appliqué. Nice and easy.20160219_125025

M2 Duff’s Bluff – English paper pieced. I love the fact that for some blocks I can choose what technique I use depending on what I feel like doing at the time, this block could have been done by piecing or by foundation piecing too but I like to hand stitch in the evenings so EPP was the  perfect choice.SAM_4932

F12 Starburst – pieced and appliqué. Those thin arrow points were tricky!


D4 Crystal Star – pieced and appliqué, another straight forward block.

Nothing too complicated this time.

I visited a local charity shop today and as I walked in I was greeted with the words, ‘Everything’s half price today’ well I didn’t need any more encouragement to have a good look round. I bought a couple of beautiful glass paperweights.


I remember as a girl I bought something similar for my Mum because I thought it was so pretty, and now many years later I have my own (Mum still has hers on display 🙂 )


Until next time,

Chris x

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Welcome 🙂

I spent a happy half hour or so yesterday making the turquoise block only to realise that I’d made it in the wrong blue which made me check my other blocks and discover that the other block shown here is also in the wrong blue!


SO pleased they are relatively straight forward blocks to redo unlike this star one which fortunately is in the right blue 🙂


G6 Papa’s Star – foundation pieced with more than one uncharitable thought!

I’ve just come back from a trip to Peterborough Cathedral which is hosting another Textile Art exhibition.

This one is based on the artist’s idea of prayer, to be interpreted by others as they wish.

Here are a few of the pieces;


by Jacqui Parkinson

Until next time,

Chris x


Jane Update

Welcome 🙂

I’m still enjoying working on my Dear Jane quilt – long may it last.

Since I last posted I have been trying to do a few trickier blocks and I’ve caught myself having ‘the self persuasion chat’ with myself. You know the one where you say, ‘If I do this hard block next then I can do this easier block afterwards as a reward.’

Please don’t tell me that it’s just me who has this conversation with myself!

Here are a few of the blocks I’ve been getting on with;


K11 Columbine – foundation pieced and appliqué (the appliqué is the square in the centre of the block, I made a mistake when I made it up so the square is my attempt to make it look right!


L10 Nan’s Naiad – foundation pieced. A tricky little block to say the least.


M9 Fan Dance – Foundation pieced


M5 Mother’s Point – pieced


D8 Dee Dee’s Delight – appliqué


E13 Moth in a Web – EPP

As you can see I’ve been concentrating on the dark blue blocks, I love the colours in this fabric.

I’ve also branched out and started something new. Some ladies in my Thursday Quilt group have challenged themselves to make a hexagon flower a week for the whole year and last week they asked me if I wanted to join them – well what could I say but yes, so Jane has been in competition with hexagons as I’m attempting to catch up all those weeks worth of flowers I’ve missed.


I’m going to try to use up some of my scraps on this project, as long as I can get six hexagons out of the fabric then it has a good chance of being included!

It’s going to be lovely working with old favourites again 🙂


So far I’ve made one flower but the others are all prepared so just need to be stitched together which is a good evening activity while I watch a bit of mindless TV!

The same quilt group have also voted 2016 to be the ‘Year of the Finish’ so we are all encouraged to declare one WiP a month and work on it throughout the month ready to show to the group the following month.

The hope is that we’ll finish something every month but we’re accepting progress as being a success too.

I chose an almost finished project for February as I still want to spend most of my sewing time with Jane. Here’s a little peep of the WiP I’m working on this month.


I’ve linked this post up to Anthea’s ‘Piece Yourself Together’ at Hibiscus Stitches which is celebrating English Paper Piecing in her bi- monthly linky party.

Until next time,

Chris x


Dear Jane

Welcome 🙂

I’ve been busy with Jane this week and am slowly weaning myself off doing the easy blocks, as you can imagine this has slowed me down considerably!

So far this week I’ve done…


B4 Chris’s Soccer Field – Foundation pieced


A5 Cathie’s Campfire – Foundation pieced and pieced


A10 Which Points West? – English Paper Pieced and appliqué.


B8 Water Lily – EPP and appliqué


A1 Pinwheel Gone Awry – Foundation pieced


B5 Hot Cross Buns – pieced and appliqué

Nothing too tricky yet but it’s only a matter of time 😉

I’ve got a few more all prepared and ready to sew at my quilt group today – happy days!

Until next time,

Chris x