A Feast for the Eyes

Welcome šŸ™‚

The last week has been a joy! I’ve been out and about with friends visiting places with textile exhibitions. This post is filled with photos of the inspiration I found.

The first place I visited was The Hub in Sleaford – a gallery I’d heard of but hadn’t visited before. There was an exhibition by a local embroidery group and their work was beautiful.

Here are a small sample of pieces I particularly liked – apologies to the craftspeople who made them because I didn’t have a catalogue so don’t know who made them.


I really like the muted colours in this one and the use of twigs to make it 3 dimensional.


A bee keepers garment covered in bees. (Those spears in the background are all embroidered, not sure they’d be much use if you were under attack but they looked good!)


Love that goldwork bumble bee.


This knot garden was astonishing in its workmanship – there are such talented people out there!


These hoop art pieces are charming, just look at those sheep.


I saw this next piece at the Willoughby gallery.

It’s by Nicky Davies and is called Elements of Petals. I’d love to try this technique – does anyone know how it’s done?


I went to a local show on Sunday and saw this stunning piece by Rachael King which is so delicate.


And finally on Thursday I was at my monthly quilt group and the speaker was Moira Neal who designs greetings cards. She was very entertaining and showed us all the originals of her cards including this one which made me smile.


Behind the scenes I’ve been stitching away for the Blog Hop I’m taking part in next week. I’m having a little give away too so I hope you’ll come back and take part.

Until next time,

Chris x

8 thoughts on “A Feast for the Eyes

  1. A feast for the eyes Chris, thank you. I love the knot garden – so beautiful. I like the petal piece too – is it shadow work, I couldn’t blow up the picture to see it more clearly. xx

  2. kathysnest32

    Living in Australia there would be no way to see the exhibition and I have enjoyed seeing the photos. Thank you for sharing.
    Kathleen Mary

  3. Visiting exhibits inspires me, too. Lucky you!! Hmm. I wonder if the petals on the piece in question were printed via hammering real flower petals? It looks like a possibility because of the natural colours. Of course, I am viewing on a small phone screen so may be quite wrong, but that would be my guess. Thanks for sharing some interesting works!

  4. dezertsuz

    Thanks for sharing these. They are each amazing in their own way. I love the whimsy of the last one.

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