2016 Challenge – Whoops!

Welcome 🙂

Things have changed a bit in my little world recently and one of those changes is that I have returned to the workforce (but only part time). This has, of course, cut back on my sewing activities and I initially wondered about how I was going to get my sewing fix! I needn’t have worried because after years of working in a profession where a lunch break was a dream I now find myself in a job where you are expected and encouraged to go and have your break.

Now, the job is too far away from home to go back and sew but I can easily sit in my little office and do some hand sewing while I munch my lunch. So, you remember that challenge I signed myself up for? (Post here) The one where I was going to make a hexie flower every week for the 52 weeks of the year.

Well, yes, you guessed it…


This is what a stack of 52 hexie flowers looks like! I guess I will have to wait until January to find out what the next step in the challenge is. In the meanwhile I need a small hand sewing project to keep me going through my lunch breaks – any ideas?

Until next time,

Chris x


7 thoughts on “2016 Challenge – Whoops!

  1. carolegoldquilts

    Maybe you need to start more EPP projects to keep your hands going? (Like a millefiore quilt, perhaps?) The picture in this post is so sweet – love it!

  2. Hope the job goes well Chris. I’ve been carrying cross stitch about at the moment – just a freebie from a magazine, as it’s easy to carry. Just a thought though, if you do like cross stitch, there is a free SAL on thesnowflowerdiaries.blogspot.co.uk you could join in with?!
    Barbara xx

  3. dezertsuz

    You were fast on your challenge! Do you like to applique or embroider? If you like wool applique by hand, Dawn Heese has some cute baskets and they are small sizes. You can scroll back through the last few months to find them. She puts two out together each month, and we just had the third set. Elefantz has lots of free designs for embroidery and/or applique and embroidery. You may find some inspiration for hexagon projects on Hexagon Alley.

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