By the Skin of my Teeth

Welcome 🙂

‘By the skin of my teeth’ is such an odd phrase but a quick Google search told me that it comes from the book of Job in the Bible. Job was quoted as saying it as he narrowly avoided yet more misfortune.

Now I’m definitely not comparing myself with Job but the phrase is apt because I have just finished my UFO challenge for this month. I kept leaving it and leaving it but finally I bit the bullet and by the skin of my teeth I did it!

This was the piece before I started,


I spent quite a bit of time outlining the design so the lines were much more defined which has been great fmq practise.  I tried to cut away some of the organza to expose some of the lower layers but found that too stressful!

I was worried about cutting away too many layers and being left with gaps where there shouldn’t be gaps! So I moved onto using the soldering iron which was great fun – the only danger there was not to overdo it!

Anyhow, this is the piece now.




I’m pleased to have done my two UFOs this month (see the other one here) but I think for April I shall just do one. April’s UFO is going to be a bit of crochet and has been sitting around for about a year waiting its turn in the queue.

Until next time,

Chris x



7 thoughts on “By the Skin of my Teeth

  1. kathysnest32

    I am glad you finally used the soldering iron. I know when ever I use one I have so much fun, I get a little carried away.
    Kathleen Mary

  2. dezertsuz

    Oh, I loved the way that turned out! I couldn’t imagine it, but the soldering really turned out well! Good luck with your crochet this month.

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