Catch Up Jane Day

Welcome 🙂

I’m still quietly getting on with Jane although she has rather been pushed to one side as I’ve branched out and started making other bits and pieces.

I have a brand new great nephew and so I wanted to make him a little cot quilt. As his granny is also a quilter I decided on making something quite simple and quick leaving it for Granny to make the ‘special’ quilt!

I had some beautifully soft flannel in baby blues in my stash which just called out for a simple pattern. I’ve backed it with super soft fleece and quilted it in straight lines. It will be cosy and cuddly and easy to wash – an essential for baby quilts!


Here are a few of the Dear Jane blocks I’ve been busy with,


K12 Doris’s Dilemma – EPP. This one is a bit of a dilemma as I made it using the pattern in the book only to realise afterwards that the blue shape in the middle of the design is a square in the actual quilt! I may redo this, I may not – but I was a little cross that the book wasn’t accurate.


L11 Caitlin’s Rose – foundation pieced. You can just see where I had to unpick a seam and redo it, thankfully those little holes do close up when I dampen the fabric 🙂


L3 Reflection’s Abound – Foundation pieced


B2 Sweet Tater Pie – pieced and appliqué.


C5 Eye of the Cyclone – pieced, appliqué and reverse appliqué.


E5 Rising Sun – foundation and appliqué. I do like this one, I wonder what a quilt of these blocks would look like? Hmmmm!

Have a great week end.

Until next time,

Chris x


9 thoughts on “Catch Up Jane Day

  1. I’d say you were doing more than quietly getting on with those Dear Jane blocks Chris, you are churning them out at a rate of knots 🙂 How frustrating that the instructions were not as accurate as they should have been, but when the quilt is done you are the only one that will know that!

  2. There are inaccuracies in the Dear Jane book, in fact there is a triangle that has the wrong photo pictures and doesn’t match the pattern. Since I replaced many of the teeny-tiny triangles with circles, I don’t worry that my quilt isn’t exactly like the original. Your blocks are looking lovely, I really like your blues. Blessings, gretchen

  3. What a lovely cuddly quilt for your great nephew and your blocks are all looking great. I would not worry about the square that isn’t – I too found the odd discrepancy between quilt and pattern. xx

  4. dezertsuz

    I really like all the sort of square in a square blocks – the others are nice, too, but those are special. I wouldn’t redo that one block. This is so much better! I love your little blue squares baby quilt. One of my favorite baby quilts for the younger boy was all yellow flannels and it even had blanket binding around it. We used it to death.

  5. Hi chris, Hope you have been well.. Wow.. All blocks look quite challenging (for me) to do..I love the fabric combination.. the little sheep look sooooo cute.. 😉

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