UFO Battle Commences

Welcome 🙂

The battle against the ever growing pile of UFOs has begun! Last month, you may recall, my quilt group started a call to finish one UFO a month and I chose to work on one which was almost finished.

It wasn’t even one which needed any stitching doing to it as all the sewing part of the project had already been done.flower folk1So these are the little dolls I worked on, I had already made up the tunics and the bodies and had come to a full stop with painting their faces.

I remember trying to draw the features on the wooden beads with a fine felt tip pen but the pen bled into the wood and so I stopped to think about my next step and never picked them up again!

This time around all I needed to do was to paint the bead and then paint the eyes and mouth on with some acrylic paint then attach some hair and voilà! – they only took me about an hour or so to finish off.

Why I didn’t  get on and do them at the time is a mystery but no matter they are done now and have been out in the garden for a photo shoot!flower folk2flower folk3flower folk4flowerfolk5flowerfolk6

Now to choose this month’s UFO to tackle…

Until next time,

Chris x

I’m linking this up to Esther’s WiPs on Wednesday.


13 thoughts on “UFO Battle Commences

  1. Kathleen

    Oh these are adorable!! I love how a silk flower becomes a beautiful skirt 🙂 How do you construct the rest of the body though?

  2. They are adorable! I’m exactly the same. I have wips everywhere and so many of them are just pendents that need stringing and easy finishes like that!

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