The Flying Scotsman

Welcome 🙂

Yesterday I was privileged to see the newly restored  iconic steam train The Flying Scotsman as it made its way from London to York.

I found myself a cosy spot on a bridge, together with quite a few other folk and we waited  for the train to steam past us. The atmosphere was lovely, everyone was excited and a cheer went up as we saw the billows of steam appear in the distance. A moment to remember 🙂

photo by Getty

Straight after seeing this amazing train I went to my quilt group and sewed all day long – a perfect day!

Although because the sewing I was working on is a birthday present I can’t even show you a peek of it!

Oh well, I shall get back to Jane and hopefully have something to share next week.

Enjoy your week end.

Until next time,

Chris x

3 thoughts on “The Flying Scotsman

  1. You were very lucky – it must have been exciting to see!

    DH and I love to see steam engines, and have been to The Bluebell line Near East Grinstead a few times – and that was before the line reached East Grinstead station – so our journey would be easier now!

    Although, just over a week ago, we were travelling on a South Eastern train when the driver announced over the intercom system that if we all looked out the windows we were just about to pass a steam engine travelling towards London – not the Flying Scotsman though!

    Have a great week!

    Barbara xx

  2. dezertsuz

    I envy you! My husband and I used to be train chasers of the Cumbres and Toltec steam trains in New Mexico and Colorado. We spent many a happy day driving up and down the route and taking photos. We even rode it once ourselves, and we always parked in the RV campground right next to the station, so, at the least, we got to watch it go in and out every day in the summer. And then to have a quiltathon day after it – super!

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