Beautiful Bargains

Welcome 🙂

I’ve been a busy little bee working steadily and completing a few more DJ blocks.



E11 Wagon Wheel – appliqué. This took a couple of evenings of happy sewing to do. There’s no rushing this project!20160219_124956

I11 Coyote Chase – pieced and appliqué. Nice and easy.20160219_125025

M2 Duff’s Bluff – English paper pieced. I love the fact that for some blocks I can choose what technique I use depending on what I feel like doing at the time, this block could have been done by piecing or by foundation piecing too but I like to hand stitch in the evenings so EPP was the  perfect choice.SAM_4932

F12 Starburst – pieced and appliqué. Those thin arrow points were tricky!


D4 Crystal Star – pieced and appliqué, another straight forward block.

Nothing too complicated this time.

I visited a local charity shop today and as I walked in I was greeted with the words, ‘Everything’s half price today’ well I didn’t need any more encouragement to have a good look round. I bought a couple of beautiful glass paperweights.


I remember as a girl I bought something similar for my Mum because I thought it was so pretty, and now many years later I have my own (Mum still has hers on display 🙂 )


Until next time,

Chris x

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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Bargains

  1. Lynne (lady lodge)

    I love the pieces you have done. I always feel newly inspired-if somewhat terrified -to have a go myself. One of these days!

  2. dezertsuz

    You really got the most out of that piece of batik! Lovely blocks for the top. Pretty paperweights, too. I guess it’s true that all things come to those who wait. =)

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