Dear Jane

Welcome 🙂

I’ve been busy with Jane this week and am slowly weaning myself off doing the easy blocks, as you can imagine this has slowed me down considerably!

So far this week I’ve done…


B4 Chris’s Soccer Field – Foundation pieced


A5 Cathie’s Campfire – Foundation pieced and pieced


A10 Which Points West? – English Paper Pieced and appliqué.


B8 Water Lily – EPP and appliqué


A1 Pinwheel Gone Awry – Foundation pieced


B5 Hot Cross Buns – pieced and appliqué

Nothing too tricky yet but it’s only a matter of time 😉

I’ve got a few more all prepared and ready to sew at my quilt group today – happy days!

Until next time,

Chris x


5 thoughts on “Dear Jane

  1. kathysnest32

    wow, you have really quick. Be careful when you English paper piece and sew it next to something you did not English paper piece. I found out the hard way on one of my blocks.
    Wrapping the material around the paper somehow makes the block bigger. So when I use. Epp I shave a tiny bit off every line I cut.

    Kathleen Mary

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