German Stars

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Last year I posted a few Christmas projects (just here!) I found on the internet which, if I’d had the time, I would have made!

Well this year I actually got round to trying out one of the projects – German folded stars. These are traditionally made using paper but some clever person obviously thought about using fabric and it worked.

So far I’ve made them using folded strips of fabric (so the raw edges are hidden)Β 20151216_130412ribbon


and an old tape measure!

20151216_130500Whilst making them I referred to a couple of tutorials.

This one by Betz White was good to get the dimensions of the fabric you need and is slightly different to this one by Bonnie of What About Pie, this makes the star I made with the tape measure, but you can omit the last few steps and still end up with the same star as in the previous link.

Bonnie’s tutorial uses paper to make the star and has a grand total of 59 photos to make the process clear – very helpful the first couple of times you make them πŸ˜‰

I secured the ends using a couple of carefully placed stitches on the fabric stars and PVA glue on the ribbon stars I made – the tape measure star didn’t need anything to hold it in place.

The loop is a length of crochet cotton but some ribbon would work well too.

Here are a couple more decorations that I want to have a go at one day.

This little bell is so delicate.

and this paper bauble looks fun.


Until next time,

Chris x


7 thoughts on “German Stars

  1. Lovely decorations – all a bit different to the usual ones you see. I have actually made the last one. Made it about 6 years ago in a stamping workshop, and it has graced my tree every year since. Bit of a nuisance to fold up to store, because it’s fragile.

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