Hawaiian Finish

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I took some hand sewing with me on my recent trip to Barcelona. Something to while away the time as I rested my feet after all the sight seeing and I managed to finish the quilting on my Hawaiian block.

When I got back I didn’t waste any time in making it into a cushion cover and it’s now resting on my favourite chair.

20151031_154418 - Copy

20151031_154342 20151031_154349 20151031_154359

What do you think?

Looking at the photos has made me realise that I now have an Hawaiian cushion and a Welsh cushion on my chair – maybe it’s time for me to make an English paper pieced cushion 😉

I also took some sewing to do on the plane – these little framed hexies were started a while ago at my local quilting group – and it was good to get them finished and ready to sew together which, now I’m home, I’m in the process of doing.

20151031_154456 20151031_154500

My friends were surprised that I was allowed to sew on the plane (needles, pins and scissors being potential weapons, although my scissors were nail scissors so had tiny blades).

I’d be interested to know if anyone has had a problem with doing this on a flight? The flight assistants didn’t bat an eyelid as I stitched the hours away.

I’m linking this post up to Esther’s WiPs on Wednesdays, it’s Esther’s birthday so why not go and wish her a happy birthday!

Until next time,

Chris x


12 thoughts on “Hawaiian Finish

  1. Lovely Hawaiian finish Chris and your hexies look great. I usually read on the plane – a great opportunity to lose myself in a new book but I have a friend who sews regularly on planes. She has some round bladed scissors which evidently pass through customs – I did lose a pair of embroidery scissors to customs once when I had forgotten to remove them from my sewing kit! xx

  2. Great cushion. I always take some hand sewing with me when I go away. A friend drives for a large coach company and we sometimes go on his trips. I get some funny looks sitting in the front of the coach sewing as we are driving across the roads of Europe. It’s a great ice breaker though.

  3. Michele T

    Whoa! That is a beautiful cushion!!! Love those colours and the hand stitching is breathtaking!!! You have truly inspired me, and if you do t mind, this project is going on my Quilt Bucket List board on Pinterest!!

  4. What a lovely cushion – nice to see Hawaiian quilting in a softer colour rather than high contrast for a change. Beautiful work!
    I usually take a ‘thread cutter pendant’ when I fly, and have any fabrics ready cut, so it is just the thread that I need to deal with. I like to sew when I travel too, when not looking after the needs of my Dear Daughters!

  5. Your latest pillow looks so pretty on the chair! You really do great work!

    I sew everywhere I go and have sewn on planes. Mind you I had a tiny pair of folding scissors and they were confiscated by airport security so now I use a Clover thread cutter instead (or my teeth). When I start sewing people are always very interested to know what I am doing and I’m often surprised to know that many don’t know what a quilt is so I just tell them it is a blanket!

  6. Another technique to add to my list of things to try Chris 🙂

    Having seen plenty of scissors tossed into the bins at security I have always been very wary of taking sewing on a plane, but maybe I just need to arm myself with one of those round thread cutters and just go for it next time!

  7. Karen K

    Love your cushion/pillow!! A few years ago I took a trip to Hawaii and at my hotel there was a class on Hawaiian quilt making. Was very interesting. Bought a pattern and still haven’t started it but your completed project is making me think I need to work on mine.

  8. carolegoldquilts

    Oh, your Hawaiian cushion looks so soft and beautiful – I want to snuggle up with it so I can feel that gorgeous texture.

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