FNSI – October Feathers

Welcome 🙂


A big thank you to Wendy of Sugarlane Designs for hosting the Friday Night Sew In, a virtual sewing evening for bloggers. You can see what the other bloggers got up to by going here.

My Friday night sew in started during the week with a lot of this…


I drew feathers, watched others free motion quilt feathers on You Tube and then drew a few more feathers!

and then finally on Friday I used my sewing machine to have a go and this was the result…


Not perfect by any means but a step closer to being able to do feathers.


I just can’t seem to get my feather spine to look neat but I suppose when I actually do them on a quilt I won’t be using such a contrasting thread so hopefully it won’t show up too much – any tips gratefully received.

I’ve also been working on my butterflies wall hanging, adding a bit of lace and a bit of hand stitching – another project finished!




Until next time,

Chris x


8 thoughts on “FNSI – October Feathers

  1. dezertsuz

    How pretty your butterfly and flowers are! Just gorgeous work. The feathers look really good, not even qualified by “for a first try”. =) I have only done them longarm, and it’s different, so I have no advice, though I’ve heard that practice makes everything better. 😉

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