Remembering Edith

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Today is the 100th anniversary of Edith Cavell’s death. Regular readers will know that I have been involved in a piece of collaborative art to commemorate her life. Edith was 49 when she was shot for treason and 49 women were invited to take part in creating a ‘Blanket of Poppies’ to display at the War Memorial.

On Friday we were all invited to the artist’s home (Charron Pugsley-Hill) to see the blanket for the first time.

Here it is in all its glory.


The swirls represent Great Britain and Belgium and the blue is the North Sea which separates them, all have words needle felted onto them which are either words Edith spoke or the artist used to describe Edith and her life.

20151009_144904 20151009_145032 20151009_145525

We all searched for the poppies we made.


Edith was shot at 7am and so this morning we and many others went to the cathedral and held a 2 minute silence then we processed to The War Memorial for a service of Remembrance. 20151012_072313

Edith’s last words are reported to having been, “Standing as I do in view of God and Eternity I know that patriotism is not enough. I must have no hatred or bitterness for anyone.”

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9 thoughts on “Remembering Edith

  1. What a beautiful piece with such thought behind it. It does look amazing on the steps. Lovely to have been a part of it I am sure Chris. xx

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