Hawaii Five O

Welcome 🙂

Whilst at the Festival of Quilts in August I saw a beautiful Hawaiian quilt and it reminded me that I’ve always wanted to have a go at this style of quilting, so before all this bother with my arm began I started on making an Hawaiian style quilt block.


The motif is my own design but based on those I saw when I did a Google search.


I used two new methods to prepare the appliqué.

First one was to use washable fusible interfacing rather than my usual freezer paper template. Esther Aliu speaks highly of this method of preparing appliqué pieces so I thought I’d give it a go.

The second is another method I’ve seen Esther and others use and that’s to use a glue stick to turn the edges under with (I usually use starch).

So what did I think?

The glue stick meant that I didn’t need to be hovering round the iron quite so much as I just turned the edges over the interfacing and every now and again I’d press it all with the iron, much quicker.

However I didn’t find it as easy to undo mistakes with the glue as the interfacing ‘held onto’ the fabric and particularly where it had been clipped caused it to fray a bit.

I’m at the stage where I need to hand quilt it, you can see that I’ve started doing a bit and I’m itching to get on with it but I MUST pace myself, no point in making my arm and wrist worse by running before I can walk!


If any of you use washable fusible interfacing to do appliqué I’d be interested to know what brand you use.

Until next time,

Chris x

4 thoughts on “Hawaii Five O

    1. Hi Sharon, my hand is very slowly getting better so I’m hopeful that I will eventually get back to being productive again but I suspect it’ll be another couple of months yet [☹]

      I do use raw edge appliqué like you, it’s quick and gives great results but I confess to liking the look of needle turn better so when time isn’t a problem that’s my preferred method (well the starch method anyway).

      Take care.

      Chris x


  1. Looking very pretty Chris. I usually go for straight needleturn with no interfacing as I feel it gives a stiff feel. I’m an old fashioned girl so definitely no glue! xx

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