Keeping Warm

Welcome 🙂

We’ve had a spell of beautiful weather here and I’ve been in the garden doing a bit of an Autumn tidy up. The green house is now empty of its tomato crop and most of the produce from my new veggie plot has been harvested, there’s just courgettes, butternut squash and carrots still doing their thing.

I’ve recently discovered a gardening (plus other things) blog called Not Just Green Fingers which I think will be very helpful as I experiment with my veggie plot – if you’re into gardening or would like to be take a little look.

Now back to crafty things, it’s time to get knitting or crocheting little hats for The Innocent Big Knit campaign!

Ever since 2003 Innocent Smoothie drinks have pledged to give 25p per ‘hatted’ bottle of Innocent Smoothie sold in the UK to the charity Age UK.

I understand that this charity varies depending in what country the drinks are sold in.

People make some AMAZING creations for the campaign and there are lots of patterns available to try.

If you want to get involved then here’s a link to the website.

I’ve made a start with a couple of basic crochet offerings…

20151001_141014 20151001_141039

Until next time,

Chris x

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