Anyone for Tennis

Welcome πŸ™‚

Tennis elbow that is 😦

I have been suffering for a few months now and it’s not getting better. I don’t suppose all the hand quilting helped! As it is in fact getting worse I’ve decided (VERY reluctantly) that I must be sensible and stop doing all things that might be irritating my poor arm.

Of course that includes sewing, so I’m going to take a week long break from picking up a needle and thread and I’ll see if it makes a difference.The idea of a day with no sewing is very strange indeed.

So today is the first day of my no sew routine and I’ve ended up moving furniture instead – new bed arriving tomorrow so had to move old bed and clean all those dust bunnies away! Hmm I think a bit of gentle sewing would have been better for my arm than that!

Before I started my no sew regime I finished this little Christmas pudding fairy ( I started this here).


20150915_165349 20150915_165359 20150915_165411

She’s like a bumble bee – all body and tiny wings πŸ˜‰

I’m going to take this opportunity to go through my sewing stuff and unearth all my WiPs ready for when my arm is feeling a bit better which will hopefully be soon.

Take care.

Until next time,

Chris x

I’m linking this up to Esther’s WiPs on Wednesdays.

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10 thoughts on “Anyone for Tennis

  1. How annoying for you! I’ve been suffering with tennis elbow this year too, and I’m afraid that its had a big impact on how much hand sewing I can do…..hope that you have a fast return to full health with it!
    Love your pudding fairy! Someone told me earlier that it’s only 100 sleeps to Christmas!

  2. I hope your arm feels better. I agree, I think sewing would have been gentler than moving furniture!

    Your little fairy is adorable — cuter than cute. What pattern did you use and how did you do the hair?

  3. Oh Chris – what a shame! I do feel so sorry for you – I had tennis elbow some years ago and yes, rest is definitely the way to go. Nursing your elbow and reading a good book is the best rest you can get. I love your fairy – she is super. xx

  4. Tennis elbow? Boo, hiss! You should give up TENNIS then, not sewing. Unless what you are afflicted with is really SEWING elbow, and hopefully there is no such thing as that! Your Christmas fairy is adorable. Glad you were able to finish it up before going on restriction.

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