I See Stars

Welcome 🙂

In my last post I was really close to finishing my EPP quilt and in this post I can happily announce that it is indeed done!

20150909_131448 20150909_131508

After writing a while back (here) that when I look at this quilt it is the stars that leap out at me, others said that they see either the hexagons or the tumbling blocks first so I decided to change the quilt’s name from ‘Starry Night’ to ‘I see Stars’.

However, I decided not to go overboard with emphasising the stars in the quilt but I have sewn on a few mother of pearl star buttons around the outer edge of stars.

20150909_131458 20150909_131907

I’m so pleased it is finished. Now I can think about another hand project to do – any ideas?

Tonight I’m going to my monthly quilting group and the programme says we will be starting on making an hexagonal table mat and that we need to take 19 5 1/2 inch squares of fabric with us.

This is what I’ve selected but I have no idea what this table mat looks like so this may or may not be suitable.


I’ll let you know!

Until next time,

Chris x

I’m linking this up to Esther’s WiPs on Wednesdays and Anthea’s Piece yourself Together

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12 thoughts on “I See Stars

  1. Hello Chris,

    Love the quilt, amazing the longer you look at it you see different parts. Have fun with the new table runner. It must be hard choosing fabrics not knowing what the finished project looks like.

    Happy days.

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