Flower Power

Welcome 🙂

I had a brilliant time on Saturday at a machine embroidery workshop.

It was brilliant because I had good company and good teaching where I left feeling that I was better at machine embroidery than when I’d arrived at the class!

The teacher was Kathleen Laurel Sage and she was a down to earth, hands on teacher who talked us through every stage and encouraged us as we worked.

We were learning to make thread painted flowers like these20150822_121750

which we could then use to make decorative panels and 3D flowers.

We started learning the technique which was straight forward enough but it was great to have Kathleen on hand to tell us exactly what we needed to do.

This is my first flower in progress and I’m just adding my third colour.


You can just make out where I put a few marks to help me see where to stitch my second colour – under the light of my machine the cream and pale pink thread looked almost the same and the markings helped me gauge where I’d already sewn.


And here it is a bit later


The dark pink and brown have helped to define the centre.


There’s a bit of gold in there too to add a bit of sparkle.


I used five colours in all and the idea was to give it a sketchy feel so nothing was too perfect.

During the afternoon we started on making a small panel with four flowers on it but in true workshop tradition I only managed to do part of one flower and then ran out of time.

But I shall try to work on it this week while it’s all fresh in my mind.

In the meantime I’m thinking of lots of embellishments I can make with this technique – butterflies, feathers, leaves, different flowers…

Until next time,

Chris x

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11 thoughts on “Flower Power

  1. Hello Chris, I wanted to say how much I loved your embroidered flowers.
    As always, I really struggled to find where to comment. Most often I just give up and don’t leave one. You also don’t have a place where you can be contacted direct. Could you comment page be placed int he body fo the blog post? You might find more people commenting if it was there.

  2. Really lovely, Chris! I had a go at freestyle stitching of a row of hearts with my sewing machine, but it isn’t really suitable as I can’t lower the feed dogs – they are fixed! Your flowers are so pretty!
    Barbara xx

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