Welsh Quilt Centre

Welcome πŸ™‚

Hubby and I went away for a couple of days and our journey took us quite close to Lampeter where the Welsh Quilt Centre just happens to be πŸ˜‰

So while hubby tested out a local coffee shop I spent a very enjoyable hour (or so) looking around at all the wonderful old Welsh quilts on display. I was shown around by the owner, Jen Jones, who was generous with her knowledge and then left me to my own devices to potter round.

These are a few of the quilts I saw…

Love the edging on this one.



At the back of my mind I have an idea to make a Welsh wholecloth quilt one day so I was carefully studying all the wonderful traditional patterns and thinking about how I could use them in a quilt.

Included in the main exhibition of quilts was the work of an incredibly talented embroiderer – Eirian Short. This lady produces the most beautiful work.



20150806_111940 20150806_111946

I thought this description of her working day was interesting especially bearing in mind that she is 91!


There were a few photos of quilters from years gone by which I found fascinating. Cardboard templates, chalk and a simple quilting frame were their tools of trade.


There were a couple of other textile artists’ work on display too which I also enjoyed looking at. This lady uses reclaimed materials for her work and I thought this piece was really interesting.

20150806_114625 20150806_114631If you ever find yourself in the vicinity of Lampeter then I’d recommend a visit to the Welsh Quilt Centre – well worth a visit.

Afterwards we travelled to Stratford and stayed in a Youth Hostel where this was stencilled on the wall of our room.

20150807_091810which made me smile as it’s exactly what I shall need to make a Welsh quilt πŸ˜‰

Until next time,

Chris x

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7 thoughts on “Welsh Quilt Centre

  1. I’m so proud of our quilting heritage. I think it tends to get passed over while everyone gushes over Amish quilts. I visit Lampeter quite regularly and always find time to pop in and admire the quilts. Did you go to Calico Kate’s or were you good. I can never resist going in and never leave empty handed. I’m off to Lampeter on the weekend actually as there’s a quilt show in Cae Hir gardens where they hang the quilts from the bushes and trees.

  2. Beautiful quilts Chris and such inspiration. The edging on the first one is amazing! I have always loved Eirian Shorts work and have seen some of it at exhibitions over the years. Those hand are amazing! xx

  3. Wonderful resource. I once had a book that had a section on Welsh wholecloth quilts and there was a photo in there of an elderly woman and her old collection of cardboard and tin quilt templates. I believe she was a quilt marker..and did that professionally…I would love to find this article/book again.

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