Pretty Tables

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Have no fear this is the penultimate wedding post – promise ๐Ÿ˜‰

Daughter, new hubby, friends and family all worked hard to make the reception venue look lovely.

It all happened in an old theatre so the room had no windows and was dark with plenty of black drapes. It could have been dark and gloomy but instead it turned out to be pretty and twinkly.

Son 2 and I made lots of heart garlands which were strung across the room (and also across the church) and these, together with fairy lights, gave the room a lovely romantic pretty feel about it.

photo by Mustard Yellow Photography

I made some little table cloths to go on top of the main cloths. They were trimmed with ivory lace and mustard yellow ribbon and prettied up the tables.


But by far the most scary thing I was asked to do for the wedding, as I’ve talked about in an earlier post, was the flower arrangements for the reception!

Much as I love flowers I’ve never had the slightest ย interest to arrange flowers and my go to arrangement has always been the hold and drop method – straight into the vase!

This activity was where I said goodbye to my comfort zone and launched myself into the unknown!

Fortunately for me I know a few talented flower arrangers who were extremely generous with their time and advice and taught me enough to be able to do a decent job.

One very kind lady gave me a ‘master class’ on how to make little arrangements and guided me with the equipment and sorts of flowers I needed to go and buy.ย She even came and helped my son, son’s girlfriend and me do the arrangements before the wedding. It’s good to have friends ๐Ÿ™‚

My sewing room (dining room) was transformed into a florists for the day! Do you like the table cloth? It’s the only plastic cloth I could find to protect the table from all the water!


Between us we made 28 arrangements, and to say that three of us were total beginners I think they turned out really well.


The containers were made by my very talented Dad years ago and we just popped our arrangements inside them.

Little fairy lights were hidden inside the terrariums and helped give the whole table and room a light and pretty feel ย ๐Ÿ™‚

We had quite a few flowers left over,


and as I only ordered one bunch of each flower type this couldn’t be helped but in the end they were used to decorate the church so there was no waste ๐Ÿ™‚

Mustard Yellow Photography
Mustard Yellow Photography

Only one more wedding post to go!

Until next time,

Chris x

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10 thoughts on “Pretty Tables

  1. The flower arrangements look really lovely, Chris, and the containers are fantastic! What a clever Dad! I love the little pots too, so pretty. What a lot of preparation you all did – and growing those plants too! But the end result looks amazing. You must have been really pleased with everything (and a little relieved!).

    Looking forward seeing the next pics too.

    Barbara xx

  2. They are fabulous! Mum and I did the ones for my wedding last year but we only had 12 to do. I can’t believe the containers were ‘just something your dad made years ago’!!!! What did he make them for? They are beautiful.
    You must have received soooo many compliments!

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