Plant and Squeak

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Daughter and new hubby decided to give little plants to their guests as a thank you for coming to celebrate their special day. Daughter’s bouquet was an amazing concoction of succulents mixed with flowers and the wedding favours were little glass jars containing succulent plants As I have a lot of house leeks and other succulents in my garden I volunteered to get the wedding favours ready. 20150623_092321 I started taking cuttings earlier in the year and grew the succulents until they could be potted up into the little jars. 20150623_092329 I did have a bit of a panic when some of them grew too big for the jars so I had to start all over again! 20150623_092333 We decorated the jars with bobbly ribbon. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA As there were a few children coming the the wedding too we thought it would be nice to have a gift just for them so I made up some goody bags containing sweeties and a mouse (you might remember them from here!) When I first made these I made them as pin cushions but they make great finger puppets which is what the wedding gifts were intended for, I’m pleased to say that I saw a few of the children playing with them 🙂 20150630_093845 20150630_093932 20150630_093941 mouse puppet Until next time,

Chris x

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