Not Secret Anymore

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We had a FABULOUS time on Saturday, Daughter’s wedding was such a joy filled, fun filled occasion. We enjoyed every second of it – even the clearing up afterwards! We had a pretty full on week beforehand but everything came together beautifully and the day itself was brilliant.

Now that the BIG day is over I can reveal the secret sewing I’ve been up to during the last couple of months. I won’t overload you all in one post but spread it out a bit!

The main sewing feat was The Dress.

Now I didn’t make the dress but it needed a little bit taking in and turning up and generally tweaking so that it fit Daughter well. I was a bit daunted by the task but kept telling myself that wedding dresses are designed so that they can be altered and luckily that was exactly the case.


I’ve altered ball gowns before and the wedding dress was much easier to do, we had a couple of fittings and then ticked that off the list šŸ™‚

I was also tasked with shortening the grooms jacket sleeves and I have to say that was a much harder job to do!

As you can see it wasn’t a nice straightforward sleeve to take up but buttons to move and a sleeve vent to work into the equation too.

20150414_091721 20150414_091732

But I took my time and apart from a bit of a wobble when I was building up the courage to cut off the excess fabric it worked out just fine. Mind you I wouldn’t want to do it again šŸ˜‰

B and J 3
photo by Mustard Yellow Photography

confetti again1

Until next time,

Chris x

13 thoughts on “Not Secret Anymore

  1. Hi Chris, Well done with the alterations – very scary responsibility for you! What a lovely looking couple they make! Congratulations to them both, may they be very happy. Barbara xx

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