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In my Thursday group we have decided that we are all going to make a block a month which is the same design, each member will get the chance to choose a block which everyone else will make.

We can make them in whatever colours we want to and use them in whatever project we choose. Some folk are talking of making bags, cushions, sampler quilts and it will be great to see all the things which are created when the blocks are used. Those people who want to join in but don’t want any more blocks will be joining forces and making charity quilts.

The first person to choose a block chose a star. Now this lady has an AccuQuilt cutting machine which she kindly let us use to cut out all the shapes. Most of us had never used one of these machines before so it was quite an eye opener at how easy to use and how accurate they are. I suspect Santa will be bringing a few to my group for Christmas πŸ˜‰

I’ve been working on it at home and the pieces fit together like a dream and the star took no time at all to create.

SAM_4862 SAM_4864


I managed to not only finish my star block but also turned it into a cushion!


and as if that wasn’t enough I also managed to finish the cushion cover I started at my last workshop.

SAM_4880 SAM_4883

One cushion is for my bedroom and the other has already been given to my daughter.

Happy times πŸ˜‰

Until next time,

Chris x

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12 thoughts on “Stars

  1. Both pillows are really lovely and they look great together on the chair. It must have been hard to part with one of the cushions but I’m sure that your daughter really likes it!

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