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I’m only 10 sleeps away from my daughter’s wedding and I’m getting increasingly excited about it. If I feel this way then my daughter and her fiancé must be erupting with excitement 🙂

In between all my excitement I’ve made time to do two mini projects to keep me grounded. One is a charity project ready for taking to the Festival of Quilts in a fortnight’s time and the other is one to help me keep close to my God.

Last year Project Linus UK asked quilters to make house blocks for this year’s show. They will be collected in, joined together and made into quilts for sick or disadvantaged children. When I heard about it from Mandy’s blog I thought it was such a simple thing for me to do which could make a difference to someone. I had hoped to make a few but with everything going on here I’ve settled on making just one (or maybe two if I can find the time).



The other ‘grounding’ project was to make a Christian version of Buddhist prayer flags to hang in my garden. (I know they are nothing alike really but it was just an inspiration 😉 )

Earlier this year someone gave me a Celtic prayer and I thought it was just beautiful so I made some very simple bunting, unhemmed and simply decorated, and I have written the prayer on using a permanent marker.

SAM_4831 SAM_4833 SAM_4834 SAM_4835 SAM_4857

I’m hoping that as the bunting blows about in the breeze it will become a bit unravelled and have a lovely soft appearance. And hopefully as I look out of my window I will see it and be reminded to take a moment to breathe out any stress and breathe in God’s peace.

Of course you could use this idea to display a favourite poem or saying in your garden.

Until next time,

Chris x

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6 thoughts on “Grounded

  1. Well, I am excited too Chris – looking forward to seeing the secret stuff you have been doing! Two lovely projects – I had not heard about the house block project – or if I had it passed me by and I love your prayer bunting. I hope you will post another picture when it reaches the desired softness. xx

  2. Bethan

    I am erupting with excitement! Its all very surreal but I know it will be beautiful, especially with al the fabulous things you have made!

  3. Your bunting looks great, Chris. Won’t be long now before the big day. I hope you’ll share some photos with us. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Christine xxx

  4. We’ve been doing the house block challenge at our sewing group too Chris. It’s such a lovely idea – I hope we get to see some of the made up quilts. Wishing you and your family a wonderful ‘big day’! xxx

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