Stars or Blocks

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The weather has been cooler this week and I find that I’m able to sit down and do things again. I’m so pleased that I don’t live in a hot climate as I’d never get anything done – just flake out in the shade!

I’m still doing a few wedding things but everything has quietened down a bit for now and I’m enjoying getting on with my EPP quilt although it’s still slow going!


I took it to my Thursday quilt group for the first time last week and was intrigued by people’s comments on it, it seems that we all definitely fall into two categories, those who see the tumbling blocks first and those (like me) who see the stars first.


I call it my Starry Night quilt and I’m thinking of what I can do to make it more star than tumbling block, any ideas out there? I’m quilting around the stars and I have some lovely star buttons to embellish it with when it’s all quilted and bound but any other ideas would be welcome.

I did a mini Christmas make last week,



Sweet πŸ™‚

Just need to make sure I don’t lose it before I can use it on the tree!

I’ve linked this post up to hibiscus Stitches EPP Sharing time here,

and to Esther Aliu’s WiP’s on Wednesdays here.

Until next time,

Chris x

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23 thoughts on “Stars or Blocks

  1. I must admit I saw the tumbling blocks first! I think the fact that different people “see” the quilt differently makes it even more special! Love that shade of blue too.

  2. It’s beautiful Chris. In this image I saw the blue hexagons first, then the tumbling blocks, because the blue is dominant. I think it’s going to be one of those quilts you cant stop looking at, enjoy it, it will change over the years as it gets used and loved x

  3. Hello Chris. I agree with Jo – try quilting the blue diamonds? Whatever, I still think it is a stunning quilt and really, who cares about stars or tumbling, it makes it special to everyone who views it. xx

  4. I really had to squint to see the tumbling blocks. Isn’t it strange how differently our brains work? I think you should quilt in the blue diamonds between the points of the stars, that will definitely help.

  5. Interesting! I’m with Mandy – I saw the blue hexagons, then the blocks. Then I read your comment about there being stars in the design, and had to scroll back to look at the photo. Took me a while to see them. Now, when I look at the photo my eyes flip between the image of the blocks and then the stars, and then back to blocks again.

  6. I saw the tumbling blocks first too, but maybe it is different when you view the whole quilt. It is beautiful no matter what you see!! Love the little Christmas mitten!

  7. Hello & thanks for linking up with PYT! The quilt looks wonderful & yes it sure is interesting which aspect of shapes are seen more readily by each person!

  8. I saw hexagons then tumbling blocks. I struggled to see the stars even after seeing the close up. I can’t believe this is all EPP. It’s gorgeous! Lovely stitching, and the Christmas Mitten too – which I’m afraid I would definitely lose by Christmas. Barbara xx

  9. I saw hexis first, but then again I am a bit obsessed with them, love your quilt. But do my eyes deceive me – is that a CHRISTMAS item that’s come out in July?!! Too soon Chris, too soon.

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