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Welcome 🙂

I have to admit to not doing what I said I was going to on the WiP front! I had decided to get on with my EPP quilt – so close to being finished – but it hasn’t happened yet.

Instead I’ve managed to talk myself into another task for the wedding which has taken me a long, long way away from my comfort zone – flower arranging! Fortunately for me a talented and generous lady has been wonderful in guiding me through the mysteries involved in this new to me skill, I’m just skimming the surface with this creative craft and it’s like a whole new world opening up before me 🙂

On the sewing front I’ve appliquéd the flowers onto the cushion front and I’m feeling much happier with it. That may be because I’ve just got used to the colours now or it could be because the flowers have softened it all up a bit – probably a bit of both 😉

20150629_162220 20150629_162226

I now need to turn it into a cushion cover so it can join my Daisy Chain quilt and my Daisy Basket quilt in my bedroom.

I’ve also made myself a little brooch,

SAM_4817just right for the summer and maybe even the wedding 🙂

And keeping with the flower theme my church had its annual flower festival last week so here a a couple of photos to show you some of the beautiful arrangements.

20150629_135522 20150629_135954 20150629_140136

Years ago I drafted  Black work embroidery patterns for those windows and even made a couple up – goodness knows where they went!

Until next time,

Chris x

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9 thoughts on “A Bit of Everything

  1. I love the applique flowers – as you say they soften it up a bit but make a really striking piece now. Flower arranging has always been a definite NO for me! so good luck. The arrangements you show are beautiful as are those windows, great for blackwork. xx

  2. My idea of floral arrangements is find a vase, fill with water, and stuff that bunch in. LOL Not something I like to do. The church windows are just beautiful.

  3. Beautiful pictures- and what gorgeous windows. I’m sure the black work designs were stunning. I love black work- the history as well as the designs.

  4. I love the little brooch Chris, it is so pretty. I definitely agree with you about the cushion, the flowers do add a bit of lift to it. We had a friend of my Dad’s teach us flower arranging for mine and my sisters weddings, it was so relaxing to be arranging flowers the day before and really helped with the nerves 🙂

  5. Lovely cushion cover, Chris, and the appliqué flower certainly made all the difference! Such a sweet brooch. I love the flower arrangements, quite beautiful. I have stitched a lot of cross stitch and hate the backstitch outlining, although I usually do stitch it, and so I feel I wouldn’t have the patience for black work. What a shame you don’t know where they went. Barbara xx

  6. Great cushion cover. So pretty. THank you for showing pictures of the floral arrangements. It’s something I’d love to be able to do properly. Unfortunately it’s more a case of flowers meet vase and get forced in whether they like it or not

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