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This week I had the opportunity to join a local artist, Charron Pugsley-Hill, as she worked on a collaborative project commemorating a local lady called Edith Cavell.

Edith Cavell (rhymes with gravel!) was a British nurse working in Brussels in World War I, and in October it will be 100 years since she was executed for her courageous work helping allied servicemen escape Brussels into neutral Holland.

She has a fascinating story and you can read more about her on Charron’s website – link here.

Charron wants 49 women – Edith Cavell was 49 when she died – to each make a poppy and leaf which she will then stitch together to make a Blanket of Poppies. This will be displayed in October and may even tour around some galleries. Which makes me 1 of the 49 women whose work will make up this piece of art – wow 🙂

I joined a small group of ladies to make our wet felted poppies and leaves. A lovely tutor called Eve was there to talk us through the process and we all had a brilliant time especially as the sun was shining and we were working outside.

First up was the leaf, we arranged the wool roving onto bubble wrap and mushed the fibres together using this little octopus thingy which is a massager but works brilliantly as a musher tool (the technical terms are all my own 😉 )


The leaf after the first stage of felting


The start of the big poppy before felting started.


and we were asked to make two identical small poppies too, these will be made into brooches, one for Charron to wear on a shawl and one for us to wear when we join her in October for the grand reveal!


These are the two little poppies after being felted


and here are all my creations after they’d dried out.


all that creating took all morning and in the afternoon we were let loose with needle and thread, beads and ribbons to embellish our creations in whatever way we wanted to.

These are mine.

20150701_145839 20150701_145903

I’ve brought one of my poppy brooches home ready for October (mustn’t lose it!) and I’m looking forward to seeing the completed blanket then too. I shall definitely post some pictures of it so you’ll get to see it too 🙂

In the meantime maybe it’s time to unearth my wool roving and have a go at some wet felting at home.

Until next time,

Chris x

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8 thoughts on “1 of 49

  1. Wow, congratulations on being one of the 49 artists, that is an honour! Your poppies look great and I bet you had a great time making them. I often daydream about felt making on my way home from work but there’s never a block of time long enough for doing it and at weekends I just forget!

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