Shadow Play Workshop

Welcome 🙂

Now if you are a follower of mine you may have seen a very incomplete post on Sunday about this workshop – which hadn’t even happened at that time! I don’t know if you’re like me but at the beginning of the week I try to make a start on posts I will be posting – only a few words to act as prompts for later on, unfortunately I hit publish for this one and then had to hit delete straight afterwards!

Does that happen to anyone else? So, sorry about that, I don’t suppose it will be the last time 😉

The workshop I went to on Thursday was called 3D quilting but was really about creating the illusion of 3D by putting in simple shadows.

I still had a small amount of fabric left over from my Daisy Chain and Daisy Basket quilts so I thought I’d try to use it up by making a cushion (pillow) for my bedroom. So my cushion is very different from the workshop sample and to be honest at this stage in the game I do think the workshop original idea works better than what I’ve done.


You can see the idea of the shadow however because my squares are smaller than the original the shadows are out of scale so a bit too chunky


I also think the grey brings the colours ‘down’ too much 😦

I’ve still got a couple of flowers to appliqué on top of it which I hope will lift it a little so that I can live with it! Oh dear that all sounds like doom and gloom! But at the end of the day that’s what learning is all about isn’t it – trial and error and learning from our mistakes.

Have a great week end.

Until next time,

Chris x

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6 thoughts on “Shadow Play Workshop

  1. Because you know what it should look like you are not pleased with it whereas I think it looks lovely not having seen the original! Very pretty – just enjoy. xx

  2. I agree with Lin, it is lovely, I think the applique flowers will be a great addition. I must admit, I too get into my head what I want something to look like and then I am disappointed if it doesn’t turn out quite as I think. Have a lovely weekend Chris. x

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