Top Shells

Welcome 🙂

Son 1 had his birthday this week and following family tradition I made him a crochet amigurumi with a sea theme. This year I found a little lobster pattern and made this …


Just look at those claws!


This is a free pattern from Kara of Karabouts and can be found here.

As some of you will know Son 1 is doing research on Toothed Top Shell snails.

Toothed top shell snail (Monodonta labio)

So it seemed like kismet when I spied some fabric featuring shells which looked (well. to me anyway!) remarkably like Top Shells.

But what to make? Now Son 1 isn’t one for patchwork so I thought something useful like a pouch for his ‘stuff’.

20150604_154309 20150604_154316

and inside it was lined with the snails


and keeping those snails company…

20150604_154349 20150604_154354

I’m happy to report that it was a success, Son 1 was quite astonished by the fabric 🙂

Until next time,

Chris x

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11 thoughts on “Top Shells

  1. Well, I had to look up amigurumi – what a special collection your son must have! Adorable. I haven’t had time for a while to enjoy any of my usual online haunts, and I must say it’s been a treat catching up on your posts! You have made so many beautiful projects – like your “sewing kit” bag…and I love the little turquoise mouse that you made to go with that whole set. And, WOW, your EPP project with the hand quilting is gorgeous. (Like I said, it’s been a while!) Your work is so sweetly perfect. I hope you are enjoying your garden. I also had to look up whatever-the-squash is that you planted – similar to (or maybe is?) a zucchini? (courgette, I think you said…) I am sitting outside right now on the other side of the world, listening to leaves rustling in the breeze, and sending good wishes your way!

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